We don’t sell ads because, as intelligent humans, we hate ads and find them unnecessary if what we are offering is worthwhile, and we have the ability to find other ways to pay for it. (We do.)

Additionally, we can’t vouch for the quality or ethics of a company who would want to peddle their wares on a site like All Things Vagina.

So why don’t you have to pay for the vast quantity of awesome information on this site?

Because we want all women to have easy access to free, high-quality information about their bodies so they can make informed choices. We believe in this wholeheartedly.

We don’t collect your personal information except where you want us to, say for example so you can get our sweet newsletter in future, for your account information so you can buy great ebooks or cool presents, or broadly using analytics (we know what language you speak and where you hail from).

We will never, ever sell your information, or use it for nefarious purposes. We are not interested in targeting you for marketing – we think our site speaks for itself because we carefully vet everything that appears on it, including the products, with the end user in mind, not our pants pocket.

We have not created this resource to make money, despite the fact that some items on this site do cost money: they are made by a person who has put the time and effort into making something great, and they deserve to be paid. The vaginal health information is all free, complete, and comprehensive.

All Things Vagina is a growing resource that will stay online for all of time, becoming the primary resource for vaginal information for the desperate, curious and caring.

All Things Vagina is currently funded by private investments by the best philanthropic humans who support what we’re doing. They love it, and want us to continue for as long as we can, so that you, the other human, can have a better vagina, a better body and a better life.

We don’t need anything from you, but we really want you to enjoy the site, write to us any time you like, and please, take care of your vagina!

Need help? Ask Aunt Vadge. She knows everything.