Aunt Vadge: Is my cherry popped now?

Hi Aunt Vadge!

Me and my boyfriend were kissing while he was playing with my vagina down there. He was not inserting his finger, he was just trying to look for my pleasure spot. When we decided to rest for a while, he noticed a little blood on his hands. I then checked it myself and confirmed that my panties also had blood on it.

Does it mean he already popped my cherry?


Dear Curious,

It would seem so! It is very likely the blood came from your hymen being damaged by your boyfriend’s fingers. It could happen again, since the hymen isn’t always completely pushed aside/stretched out on one go, so check the hymen article here for advice on how to stretch your hymen out slowly and without pain by yourself to avoid future bleeding or discomfort.

Warmest regards
Aunt Vadge