Killing BV – the definitive guide

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How to make slippery elm pessaries/suppositories or vaginal gel

Learn how to make a soothing slippery elm pessary or suppository or vaginal gel.

Aunt Vadge’s Treatment Chooser

Not sure which direction to go in? Our treatment chooser can help!

Understanding Gilbert’s syndrome

Gilbert's syndrome can create some unwanted microbiome disturbances due to excess bilirubin in the digestive

Understanding gut dysbiosis

Understand what gut dysbiosis is and how it can affect your body and mood.

Is my period pain normal?

Period pain can be severe, but is this normal? We discuss what's normal and what's

New understandings of endometriosis

New research offers us some interesting pathways to explore when treating clients with endometriosis.

BV + partners study – join a study today! (AUSTRALIA ONLY) 2023

Finally some more research into how sexual partners impact BV hanging around and what to

How to take liquid herbal medicine

Confused about how to take liquid herbs? We explain!

Lochia – post-birth vaginal discharge

Lochia is the name given to musty-smelling post-birth vaginal discharge containing mucous, blood and uterine

Understanding and doing the low histamine diet

Important information on doing the low histamine diet under practitioner guidance.

Searchable histamine-containing foods list

A searchable list of common foods and their histamine impacts: high, low or releasing.

My Vagina Patient Guide – Histamines

Understand how to do the low histamine diet, and what to take alongside it.

My Vagina Patient Guide – Oxalates

My Vagina patient guide to lowering intake of oxalates and supplements to take alongside.

Oxalates and urinary tract infections

We explain the relationship of calcium oxalate to urinary tract infections.