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“You guys are the best. Thank you.”

Chris, after being part of the incredible Killing BV support ecosystem

“…your work has been thorough and considered, it’s the first time in years and years that I feel like there is some hope of putting the puzzle pieces together.”

Andi, a patient of Jessica Lloyd

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Tamesha, Receiving free email support for Killing BV

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Esther, who successfully completed a Killing BV treatment

So what's up down there?

Vulvovaginitis and vaginal discharge in children

Vulvovaginitis and vaginal discharge in girls, and what to do about it.

Using borax to reverse fusing in lichen sclerosus

We discuss how to use borax to help unfuse labia in lichen sclerosus, using a solution applied to the labia. Effective for some of you in returning to pink.

Review: Betadine Vaginal (Povidone-Iodine)

Betadine - povidone-iodine - is an effective antimicrobial treatment for vaginal infections, but only certain types. A microbe must be susceptible, and not be hiding in a biofilm.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the condition whereby urine leaks out without your permission. This can affect women for many reasons, with weak tissue and pelvic floor muscles being the primary cause.

Review: Multi-Gyn Active Gel (Actigel) – how and why it works

What is Multi-Gyn, and how does the active ingredient work?

Treating a UTI at home

Treating a UTI at home doesn't have to be a waste of time. Get the skinny on treatment types.

Study: vitamin C for abnormal vaginal microflora

A study looks into vitamin C for a treatment for changing the pH of the vagina and restoring healthy microflora in women (including pregnant women).

The role of vitamin A in the vagina and urinary tract

Here we discuss the importance of vitamin A in the mucosal surfaces of the reproductive and urinary tract.

How to do a vaginal douche

Here we explain how to douche vaginally safely and comfortably in your own home.

Understanding consent

If you are confused about consent, we explain and here's a fun video!

Gynaecology in children and babies

We briefly overview the vulva and vagina from a developmental perspective - what to expect.

Secnidazole (Solosec) for BV

Secnidazole is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial and parasitic infections, including BV. It has about the same rate of cure as metronidazole.

Coping with the shame associated with BV

Shame associated with BV and other vaginal disorders can be debilitating.

An historical evaluation of the sweet vagina

Summary of the vagina's history - a quick timeline from the ancient days to the present.

Understanding and using castor oil packs

Castor oil is made from the seeds of a North American plant, Ricinus communis, and is used in packs on the body or orally as a supportive treatment for various discomforts and conditions.  Castor oil is not a cure for any disease, but is used to support the body with

The Nuvaring contraceptive device

The Nuvaring is a vaginal hormonal contraception that uses a silicone ring infused with hormones to prevent ovulation and therefore prevent pregnancy. The rings can affect your vagina by causing local irritation and discharge, and are not suitable for everyone.

How to react when you think your daughter may be questioning her sexuality

A guide for parents on how to kindly and lovingly support a child going through the perfectly normal step of questioning their sexuality.

Study: The impact of the Mirena IUD on vaginal bacteria – good, bad or indifferent?

This study found that numbers of L. crispatus before and after the IUD was inserted were more or less the same.

Understanding and treating vaginal cancer

Vaginal cancer usually occurs in older women, in the top third of the vagina, with HPV the biggest risk factor.

Vaginal adenosis

Vaginal adenosis is where cervical and endometrial cells are found in the vaginal walls, and is most related to women exposed to DES in the womb.

We are vulvovaginal specialists

We understand the body as a integrated unit, and use your microbiome as an indicator to gather information about the bigger picture for better treatment outcomes. Get a fresh perspective and effective, unique treatments suited to your body.

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My BV has completely cleared after the Killing BV treatment, I am beyond thrilled!” – Katherine

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“Finding you guys has been like finding light in an endless black tunnel… Thank you for your information. Gave me tears when I found it and the process worked.” – Patrick

Read more real testimonials!

Ask Aunt Vadge

Aunt Vadge: I’m a guy with some questions about women’s bodies!

I'm a guy who has a few questions about women's bodies and what they like during sex, for example will she like it if I touch her breasts while we have sex? And should I kiss them or use my hands?

Aunt Vadge: how fertile is pre-cum?

What's the story with pre-cum and pregnancy? We explain.

Aunt Vadge: fingering cut is healed, but when can I have sex again?

Her boyfriend cut her with a fingernail by mistake, and they landed in the emergency room. All seems well, but when can they have sex again?

Aunt Vadge: are these cuts from my lichen planus?

Are her symptoms due to herpes or her previously diagnosed lichen planus?

Aunt Vadge: itchy, sore, tears, cracks… yeast treatment sort of worked. What next?

Her yeast infection treatment hasn't really solved the problem entirely, so what should she do?

Aunt Vadge: tampon starts to fall out after 15 mins

A 15-year-old is having trouble with tampons falling out. See how she can fix it.

Aunt Vadge: sores and swollen vulva – what’s happening to me?

A 20-year-old has sprung up with mysterious sores on her vulva that are making walking around extremely painful.

Aunt Vadge: what should I expect from first-time sex?

Get the full run-down on what to do and what to expect from first-time sex.

Aunt Vadge: weird dry, itchy bumps on my labia

She has a dry patch on her labia that is really itchy and irritated, and won't go away.

Aunt Vadge: chronic vaginal pain and redness

A vulvodynia sufferer needs help with vulvar and vaginal pain that just won't go away.

Aunt Vadge: Why did I get fever and upset tummy after my boyfriend fingered me?

Her boyfriend had blood on his fingers after fingering, but then she got a fever and cramps and bad digestion. Are they connected?

Aunt Vadge: mid-cycle bleeding – am I pregnant?

Mid-cycle bleeding on the pill - what's wrong?

Aunt Vadge: pinching feeling when I try to insert a tampon

A 25-year-old has a pinching feeling when inserting tampons. What is it?

Aunt Vadge: my vulva is really, really sensitive

She has an over-sensitive vulva that feels like it burns and stings when she pees, and she's dry all the time. What's wrong?

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend is upset because I don’t orgasm easily

Her boyfriend criticises her pubic hair and won't go down on her even though that's the only way she orgasms. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: I’m scared I have herpes, but could it be yeast?

She is worried she has herpes, but probably has a yeast infection.

Aunt Vadge: ripped my vagina during sex – what now?

Sex wounds - how to treat them, and how to never get them again.

Aunt Vadge: Did I get my period from being fingered?

A 19-year-old's period came early after being fingered for the first time. Is that normal?

Aunt Vadge: is laser hair removal on the vagina safe?

A woman is wondering if laser hair removal on the vulva is safe. It is! Just choose a good practitioner and a quality clinic.

Aunt Vadge: bicycle accident has left my labia torn – what do I do?

A bicycle accident has left a young lady with a split labia.