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Propolis as an antimicrobial agent in treating vulvovaginal dysbiosis

Propolis resin may be a useful adjunct to treating vulvovaginal dysbiosis and infections via its antimicrobial activity, with some bacteria more susceptible than others.

Essential oil suppository recipe for soothing vaginal tears

Some ideas on how to make a soothing, healing essential oil suppository for inner vaginal cuts and tears. Help your vagina to heal.

Vaginal adenosis

Vaginal adenosis is where cervical and endometrial cells are found in the vaginal walls, and is most related to women exposed to DES in the womb.

Vulvar epidermoid cysts (sebaceous/inclusion cyst)

Cysts arising from sebaceous glands can appear on the vulva or in the vagina, and look like little bumps. Cysts can be uncomfortable, but are not dangerous.

Testimonials for Killing BV treatments

Wondering if our Killing BV treatments work? We've put together a collection of responses from people who have tried our treatments, or invented their own.

Lichen simplex chronicus (LSC)

Contact dermatitis of the vulva can result in what's known as lichen simplex chronicus (LSC), which is itchy, thickened skin. Removing the offending irritant is the best way to solve LSC, but additional creams or soothing ointments can be used.

Study: men carry BV-associated bacteria on and in their penises

Researchers tested the skin of the penis, urethra, head of the penis and urine and semen samples of the male partners of women with BV - men have it too! LOGIN This is exclusive content for members only! For access to all this and more, you need Killing BV System:

Vulvar lumps and bumps – what are they?

Got a lump or bump? We have a short list of lumpy bumpy problems to help you figure out what's wrong before you go to the doctor.

Ask Aunt Vadge

Aunt Vadge: his penis touched the outside – can I be pregnant?

Can you get pregnant from a penis rubbing on a vagina? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: How can I get my wife to want sex again?

A 38-year-old man is trying to figure out how he can get his wife interested in sex again.

Aunt Vadge: which BV treatment is right for me?

A 22-year-old has had BV for five periods in a row and isn't sure which BV treatment is best. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: large, bluish lump on my anus and perineum

A young lady has ended up with a hemorrhoid and UTI after having sex for the first time.

Aunt Vadge: I’m new to fingering, and it bled a little bit the last time – why?

A 16-year-old girl has started fingering herself, but the last time, she bled a little bit.

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend split me fingering and now it always hurts to have sex

She is suffering from serious vulvar pain during sex, making it impossible to even start sex. What's going on, and why did this happen after her boyfriend split her vagina?

Aunt Vadge: labia bumps and swollen clit with cuts

A 14-year-old has bumps around her vulva and her clitoris is swollen with cuts on it. Aunt Vadge explains the next best step.

Aunt Vadge: a cut at the join of my labia and clitoris hasn’t healed after three weeks

A woman is having issues with a vulvar tear that has left her labia a bit flappy.

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Esther, who successfully completed a Killing BV treatment

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