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So glad I found this site I feel like there’s finally a bit of hope after years of this misery!
E. / Email Feedback on Killing BV

I was dealing with BV on and off every other week basically, for over 3 years. I finally got my life back! … it’s literally the only treatment that works for me. I’ve tried EVERYTHING, you guys changed my life. Thank you.

L. / Email Feedback on Killing BV

Thanks again for your kind response and care! It really meant a lot to me. 

G. / Email Feedback on Killing BV Free Email Support

This company has been a life saver. I have bought one of their books 6 years ago and until this day I can contact them with any questions I have and get an immediate response with new tips, ideas and suggestions.

Where others (including doctors) didn’t take my concerns and problems seriously, this organisation did. I wouldn’t know what I would have done without their help. Anybody with any female-issues, do not wait and contact them. I am forever grateful!

Thank you so much V.!

K. / Google Review on Killing BV Free Email Support
Thanks again for all of your help. I stumbled upon My Vagina when I was feeling hopeless about ever getting rid of my bv and it has been a truly amazing resource. Thank you!
L. / Email Feedback on Killing BV Free Email Support

I’ve learnt more from Killing BV, one ebook, than I have from multiple medical appointments. THANK YOU. 

K. / Email Feedback on Killing BV

What a relief! There is so much detailed information all in one place that has never been given to me by any regular doctor I’ve seen, and explained in a way I understand and find engaging.

While I’m still on the road to full health, I am deeply grateful for the ongoing support of their naturopath. What a life changer. Thank you!!

M. / Google Review on Killing BV Free Email Support

Thank you for creating and sharing this website. You have helped me immensely and have given me hope that I can get my vagina back on track!

B. / Email Feedback on Killing BV

Thank you so much for your support and help! You guys are the best 🙂

D. / Email Feedback on Killing BV Free Email Support

Your website and book are the first resources I have come across that didn’t reel off the same patronizing advice that is all over the internet, actually incorporate the science that I have read, and answered questions that I have… 

Thank you again. I’m really amazed and encouraged by everything you’re doing. 

L. / Email Feedback on Killing BV

Thank you for the support. You guys are life savers I’m grateful to have come across your site. Thank you again.

F. / Email Feedback from Killing BV Free Email Support

Thank you for your insight! I’m so glad I found this group!

A. / Feedback from the Killing BV Facebook Support Group