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Aunt Vadge: I’m scared of needles – how do I get rid of an ingrown hair on my bikini line?

She's scared of needles, but has an ingrown hair on her bikini line - we discuss how to get it out without a pin or needle.

Aunt Vadge: I’m in a remote area and have a horrible yeast infection – help!

Aunt Vadge helps out a very yeasty diving instructor in Indonesia who doesn't have easy access to a doctor but can go to the chemist.

Aunt Vadge: is it herpes? Or something?

Is this lump herpes, a sebaceous cyst, an ingrown hair, or a pimple? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: I kissed my girlfriend’s vagina and now it’s bleeding – help!

A 20-year-old guy is freaking out after going down on his girlfriend, then... blood. What's happened?

Aunt Vadge: I’m on the pill getting two periods a month

She's getting two periods a month, but she's on the pill, so what's going on? We run her through the options and explain a bit about periods on the pill.

Aunt Vadge: I’m dry after foreplay now. Why?

She used to be so wet during sex, but now she feels quite dry and isn't sure why. We discuss the reasons her vagina might be drier than usual after the same type of foreplay that she enjoys.

Aunt Vadge: have I ruined my labia by masturbating?

A 25-year-old is worried she has broken her labia masturbating and might need a labiaplasty. Turns out she looks perfectly normal.

Aunt Vadge: Small red dot on clitoris – what is it?

A woman has a red spot on her clitoris after sex. What is it?

Aunt Vadge: vag on fire after using new bubble bath!

She used a new bubble bath, and now her vulva is itchy, burning and sore. We discuss why this has happened and how to avoid it in future.

Aunt Vadge: I’m scared I broke my hymen masturbating

She has hurt herself masturbating, and is worried she has inadvertently broken her hymen, because she normally only masturbates clitorally.

Aunt Vadge: I gave my boyfriend a BJ, then about 20 minutes later his penis touched my vag – can I get pregnant?

Can sperm survive when it's dried, on a penis, and then get me pregnant after 15 minutes?

Aunt Vadge: is my butthole weird?

Are discolouration, flappy bits and hair normal for a butthole?

Aunt Vadge: lumps on labia – do I have hidradenitis?

Abscesses, lumps on the labia, what is going on?

Aunt Vadge: my vagina tastes and smells bad, but I don’t have an infection

She has a bad diet and a bad vag. We discuss her options.

Aunt Vadge: Did I nick my clitoris or is this my period?

A 14-year-old is worried she has hurt herself - or is it her period?

Aunt Vadge: we used a condom, but I was ovulating – can I be pregnant?

A 16-year-old is worried that even though they used a condom and he ejaculated outside of her body, she may still be pregnant.

Aunt Vadge: strange growths around my urethra

She has some strange growths next to her urethra - what is it? Why has it appeared?

Aunt Vadge: fleshy bits come out of me after being fingered

She has fleshy bits coming out of her after being fingered by her boyfriend. Why?

Aunt Vadge: fingering used to feel good, but now it hurts and burns

She wants to know why her boyfriend's wandering fingers used to feel great but now burns.

Aunt Vadge: we had sex, but now my boyfriend has a red, itchy, sore penis – was it my thrush?

She had sex for the first time with her new boyfriend, but now he has a red, itchy, sore penis. What's gone on?

Aunt Vadge: I suffer premature ejaculation – how do navigate my wife’s vagina?

A couple are suffering the negative outcomes of premature ejaculation - how can they solve it?

Aunt Vadge: post-antibiotic fissures – what can I do?

Antibiotics trigger a yeast infection that ends in drying and fissures. Find out how to fix it.

Aunt Vadge: menopause is tearing me apart

A woman is suffering low-oestrogen signs with vulvar cracking and tearing.

Aunt Vadge: my BV won’t go away

A woman has recurrent BV and isn't sure what to do.

Aunt Vadge: can I use a snotty tissue to wipe after a wee?

We discuss whether it's safe to use a snotty tissue to wipe yourself after urinating, or if it could introduce the wrong stuff into your vulva.

Aunt Vadge: what does sex feel like?

A 14-year-old wants to know if her hymen still exists and what sex will feel like. We explain.

Aunt Vadge: I was finger-raped

A girl was finger-raped by a guy who wouldn't stop fingering her after she asked him to stop - it was her first time.

Aunt Vadge: water or urine after ThermiVa treatments

A 51-year-old had ThermiVa vaginal radiofrequency treatments, but is having copious watery discharge afterwards which is concerning her.

Aunt Vadge: we had sex with a condom but my period is late – am I pregnant?

She had sex with a guy with a condom three weeks ago, but now her period is late. Is it possible that she could be pregnant or is there another reason for her late period?

Aunt Vadge: posterior fourchette constantly tears

The first few times she had sex, she had no tearing, but now she is getting posterior fourchette tears all the time. What's going on?

Aunt Vadge: can we use a condom if her vagina is really tight?

A guy is wondering if he needs to use a condom with his virgin lover, since her vagina might be really tight.

Aunt Vadge: Are these lumps my labia?

We discuss whether the lumps on a young lady's labia could be just her labia, or if there is possibly something wrong.

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend fingered me and went down on me and it hurt – why?

Her boyfriend has gone too hard on her vagina and now it's really sore.

Aunt Vadge: itchy spot on clitoris only relieved by moisturising cream

A tiny itchy spot on her clitoris is driving her crazy. What is causing it?

Aunt Vadge: I haven’t had sex for two years – will my vagina still be ok?

A woman is worried that her vagina may not be up to scratch after two years without sex and only masturbating.

Aunt Vadge: What is first-time sex supposed to feel like?

A young lady wants to know what first-time sex feels like on your vagina.

Aunt Vadge: Do I have a short vagina?

Does she have a short vagina or is she just doing it all wrong?

Aunt Vadge: I got Implanon, and now I’m feeling crappy

A 17-year-old has had the Implanon implant inserted into her arm, but is now starting to have low mood and low libido. Is the implant is causing this?

Aunt Vadge: my vagina doesn’t get wet

A 26-year-old is having issues with vaginal dryness, even though she's turned on during sex and enjoying herself.

Aunt Vadge: why have I had a small vaginal cut for a year?

A 19-year-old has had a cut on her vulva that won't heal for a year.

Aunt Vadge: If I use two fingers or a carrot, it hurts – do I still have my hymen?

She feels pain with two fingers or a carrot, but isn't sure why. Is it her hymen, or something else?

Aunt Vadge: his penis touched the outside – can I be pregnant?

Can you get pregnant from a penis rubbing on a vagina? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: I cut my clit accidentally

A 15-year-old has accidentally cut her clit with a fingernail.

Aunt Vadge: fingering wound leaves flappy skin – cut or reattach?

A fingernail has sliced a large cut in a vulva. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: how do I bring up sex with my boyfriend (and what about my vagina’s taste?)

A 15-year-old is wondering how she can broach the sex subject with her boyfriend, and is curious about her vagina's sour taste.

Aunt Vadge: sex and fingering has made my vagina sting and burn like a UTI

She was having sex with her boyfriend, and he switched to fingering in the middle. She now has a stinging, burning vagina and a UTI-like feeling. Does she have a UTI or is she just hurt?

Aunt Vadge: itch and irritation after infections cleared

She's cleared her BV, ureaplasma and Strep B, but itch and irritation remain won't go away, with the suspect being at this stage cytolytic vaginosis.

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend can’t finger me without pain

Her boyfriend can't even insert one finger without pain - why? We look into the mechanics of the vagina, and what could be intervening to block her vagina.

Aunt Vadge: tears, bleeding, itching, irritation – what’s wrong?

A 58-year-old woman is experiencing unusual cuts, bleeding, and pain in and around her vagina and anus.

Aunt Vadge: double vagina – what are my options for surgery?

A 23-year-old has just been diagnosed with a double vagina (longitudinal vaginal septum), and wants information on her surgical options to correct it.

Aunt Vadge: can fresh semen on a toilet seat get me pregnant?

We discuss the possibility of getting pregnant via a toilet seat.

Aunt Vadge: is it normal to be sore when I pee after sex?

An 18-year-old who is new to sex isn't sure whether it's normal to have soreness for a few days after having sex with her boyfriend.

Aunt Vadge: weird dry, itchy bumps on my labia

She has a dry patch on her labia that is really itchy and irritated, and won't go away.

Aunt Vadge: fordyce bumps – how do I tell sexual partners what they are?

A 21-year-old has bigger tiny labia bumps than her lovers. How does she explain this to them without it feeling weird?

Aunt Vadge: I plucked my pubic hair and now have red bumps – why?

She has plucked her pubic hair before, but this time it has caused little red bumps to appear on her bikini line.

Aunt Vadge: bicycle accident has left my labia torn – what do I do?

A bicycle accident has left a young lady with a split labia.

Aunt Vadge: can I use evening primrose oil for vaginal atrophy?

A menopausal woman wants to use evening primrose oil vaginally for dryness, but isn't sure if the gelatin capsules will dissolve in her vagina.

Aunt Vadge: I have a sex tear that doesn’t bleed but won’t heal

A deep tear from rough sex hasn't gone away, but doesn't bleed. She's wondering if it's there for good. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: have I discovered a double vagina?

She sounds like she has a longitudinal vaginal septum, but what does that mean for her? We discuss what she may have found in her vagina.

Aunt Vadge: small lump inside the lip of my vagina

A 13-year-old has what she thinks is a Bartholin's duct cyst - how can she get rid of it herself?

Aunt Vadge: small, itchy fissure in labia minora won’t go away

A 20-year-old has a pinky-sized sore, itchy fissure in between her labia.

Aunt Vadge: I’ve got painful slits in all the cracks

A 28-year-old is trying to figure out where the cracks in her creases have appeared from, specifically, is it herpes even though the test was negative?

Aunt Vadge: I took a dry tampon out and now I’m bleeding

A dry tampon pulled out has resulted in bleeding. Where is the blood coming from?

Aunt Vadge: my daughter is having problems passing urine

A father is worried about his 12-year-old daughter, as she feels as if her urine stream is blocked and there is inflammation.

Aunt Vadge: if my hymen is gone, does that mean I’m not a virgin anymore?

She's been fingered a few times by her boyfriend, but does that mean she's not a virgin anymore?

Aunt Vadge: I had unprotected rough sex and now my vagina smells fishy – why?

A woman had rough sex without a condom, at the end of her period

Aunt Vadge: strange little sore under my urethra won’t go away

A small sore around the urethra won't go away after six months and a gazillion treatments. What's wrong?

Aunt Vadge: fissuring that just won’t go away

She has a tear with scarring at the very bottom of her vaginal entrance (just inside) that splits every time she has sex. Is she doing something wrong?

Aunt Vadge: pain, yellow discharge, spotting, not resolved by Dalacin

Lactobacillus overgrowth syndrome not responding to strong antibacterials prescribed - what now?

Aunt Vadge: why did I bleed after fingering?

A boyfriend has torn his girlfriend's vagina during a rough fingering.

Aunt Vadge: am I entering early menopause?

A 40-year-old is experiencing what could be signs of menopause, but she feels like it's happening too early. We discuss what she should do next to find out.

Aunt Vadge: Do girls understand when the tip goes in?

An 18-year-old guy is wondering if the tip of a penis can just slip in like a silent creeper without a girl knowing about it.

Aunt Vadge: I have a tear on my urinary meatus that won’t heal

Her uterus was removed and mesh inserted to hold it together, but there is now scar tissue around her uterus, and a tear on her urinary meatus that won't heal. What can she do?

Aunt Vadge: long-running cut and thickened vulvar skin

A 57-year-old has a two-month-old cut and her husband noticed her vulva wasn't quite its normal self.

Aunt Vadge: is his dry, sore penis evidence of him cheating on me?

A man has a sore, dry penis after having sex with his partner, who suffers from a dry vagina. She thinks he's been cheating on her - is it possible?

Aunt Vadge: I just got married, had sex 5 times in 24 hours, now I have a blister – why?

A newly-married couple has been at it for days, but now she has a blister and scrapes. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: a new tampon brand may not agree with my vagina

She tried a new brand of tampons, and now she's got a tear that hurts.

Aunt Vadge: podosol for genital warts has given me sores – what can I use?

She used wart cream on her genital warts and it caused wounds. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: I’ve lost a grape inside my vagina

She was having some solo fun, and a grape she was experimenting with has been sucked up into the vortex. How do you remove a grape from a vagina?

Aunt Vadge: my vagina itches and burns after antibiotic treatment for a sinus infection

She has brown discharge and post-antibiotic itching and burning with cuts.

Aunt Vadge: he force-dry humped me; was I raped?

A woman was held hostage in a man's apartment while he dry humped her, and she isn't sure if she was raped or not.

Aunt Vadge: constant split in vulva during sex

A 73-year-old is struggling with a constantly splitting vulva when she tries to have sex. What can she do?

Aunt Vadge: irregular pink tissue around vaginal opening

A 29-year-old has discovered a little tongue-like piece of tissue protruding out of her vagina and is wondering what it is.

Aunt Vadge: can you catch thrush from oral?

Is it possible to transfer yeasts from one person's mouth to another person's vagina? We discuss how this might occur and if it's really possible.

Aunt Vadge: I can only get off on oral sex

Is a spate of sexual assaults responsible for this 21-year-old only getting off on oral sex?

Aunt Vadge: pain after putting two tampons in

A woman doubled up on her tampon, but then once both were out, the next tampon she put in caused immense pain. What's going on?

Aunt Vadge: he put the tip in – am I still a virgin?

Is fingering and just the tip counted as losing your virginity? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend has really chapped lips – how can I get him to fix it?

A 21-year-old is trying to convince her boyfriend to fix his chapped lips, but he keeps refusing, making for sandpaper kisses.

Aunt Vadge: why can’t I go deeper?

A 20-something virgin is having trouble getting past two knuckles. How will she ever have sex?

Aunt Vadge: clitoral hood is disintegrating after a fingernail accident

A woman has a 5-year-old wound that is causing her clitoral hood to fall to pieces and come out slowly, with pain.

Aunt Vadge: vaginal fistula from cancer needs care

A vaginal fistula is damaged from radiation therapy, and inoperable. What can she do to help?

Aunt Vadge: fingers freak me out

A woman is scared of digital penetration, but why? Aunt Vadge examines the case in more detail.

Aunt Vadge: can I get an STD from kissing?

It's pretty hard to get an STD from kissing alone.

Aunt Vadge: I’m still grieving from my vulvectomy 14 years later

A 33-year-old is having trouble moving on from the grief of a vulvectomy when she was younger.

Aunt Vadge: long cuts or lines in vaginal creases – is it an STD or yeast infection?

She has long thin cuts between her labia and isn't sure if it's a yeast infection or an STD. How would she ever be able to tell?

Aunt Vadge: had sex, now pain and blood when I pee… what’s going on?

There was some blood at the end of urinating, but now it's just pain on urinating that has lasted for two weeks.

Aunt Vadge: am I wrong to want vaginal intercourse?

A 72-year-old woman is battling with her fiance regarding oral sex and sexual intercourse.

Aunt Vadge: his hand was covered in blood but there was no pain

Her boyfriend was fingering her and then they realised his hand was covered in blood - but she had no pain.

Aunt Vadge: I’m scared that I’ll scare him away if I bleed

An 18-year-old is scared to have full sex because fingering causes her to bleed. Is it her boyfriend's technique, or is something wrong?

Aunt Vadge: ripped my vagina during sex – what now?

Sex wounds - how to treat them, and how to never get them again.

Aunt Vadge: I’m waiting for biopsy results – is there anything I can do in the meantime?

She's had an abnormal smear result and two biopsies, and she wants recommendations on remedies to help before her test results.

Aunt Vadge: my vagina seems to be too tight – what can I do?

Is she too tight or does she need to be more turned on? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: my vulva is peeling and itchy, my clitoris painful

She has an itchy, peeling vagina with stabbing pains in her clitoris and some cuts. What's going on?

Aunt Vadge: why did fingering hurt the second time and not the first?

A 17-year-old was fingered by her girlfriend twice; the first time was fine, but the second time hurt. Why were the experiences different?

Aunt Vadge: is stress and anxiety affecting my vagina?

A 21-year-old is wondering if her anxiety is causing her vagina to become sore and itchy, with unusual discharge, for the past six weeks.

Aunt Vadge: why is my vagina sore after dry humping?

They have been dry humping up a storm, but her vag is sore - why?

Aunt Vadge: Did I get my period from being fingered?

A 19-year-old's period came early after being fingered for the first time. Is that normal?

Aunt Vadge: little pimple below my urethra

A small yellow pimple-like spot has appeared just below her urethra. What is it and what can she do about it?

Aunt Vadge: chunky white discharge and soreness after fingering

She was fingered for days, and now has thick white discharge and a very sore vag. What's going on?

Aunt Vadge: can a doctor see scars in my vagina?

An 18-year-old is wondering if her doctor will be able to tell what the cause of her vaginal tears are, or see scars from previous tears.

Aunt Vadge: sex and fingering – am I pregnant?

A 17-year-old had protected sex and was fingered by her boyfriend, but isn't sure if she's pregnant or not, as her period is a few days late.

Aunt Vadge: what constitutes inappropriate touching?

Is washing a 10-year-old girl's vagina acceptable, or molestation?

Aunt Vadge: spotting and bleeding and weird periods after miscarriage

She had a miscarriage and her bleeding has been all over the place since. What's going on?

Aunt Vadge: post-sex and fingering blood and swelling

A 23-year-old is thinking about quitting sex altogether. Why would anyone do that? Pain and bleeding after fingering, of course!

Aunt Vadge: do I have herpes even though the test was negative?

She has had the same boyfriend for a while, and two negative herpes tests, but now she has fissuring of the posterior fourchette and white spots. Why?

Aunt Vadge: after fingering I need to pee heaps

An 18-year-old has symptoms of a urinary tract infection but she's not sure what it is or what to do about it.

Aunt Vadge: is my womb falling out?

A woman is scared that her uterus is falling out.

Aunt Vadge: Is a hymen flap sticking out?

A 15-year-old girl is having a weird time with her hymen - did it grow back?

Aunt Vadge: Bartholin abscess stitches still hurt

An 18-year-old with six-month-old stitches that repaired a Bartholin's abscess are starting to hurt again, and she's scared that she has had a relapse.

Aunt Vadge: my LEEP procedure sample was too burnt to test – what now?

A 51-year-old has undergone a LEEP excision of her cervix, only to be told that the sample was too burnt to test. What should she do now?

Aunt Vadge: post-fingering burning, and could I be pregnant?

A 16-year-old is worried that she might be pregnant after her first sexual experience with her boyfriend: fingering, tongues, and pre-cummy shorts.

Aunt Vadge: how can I help my girlfriend have a vaginal orgasm?

A 24-year-old man wants to know how to give his girlfriend a vaginal orgasm. We review some ideas on how to get her there.

Aunt Vadge: my period is a day late after me and my boyfriend got steamy

An 18-year-old was very safe during her ovulation period, but her period tracker is saying she is a day late. Is she truly late?

Aunt Vadge: are there women who don’t like vaginal sex?

A woman is wondering if it's possible to just not enjoy vaginal sex, but love oral and fingering. The answer is yes!

Aunt Vadge: can fingering affect your body?

Her period is a little late, she has cravings, and her vagina hurts - all after fingering.

Aunt Vadge: painful sex that has resulted in a tear and brown discharge

After sex, it hurts to pee and there is a brownish discharge. What's happened and what should she do?

Aunt Vadge: the condom caused cuts and sores – why?

A novelty condom has caused massive problems.

Aunt Vadge: tear that hasn’t healed in three months

A tear from fingering hasn't healed and seems to be getting worse. What could it be?

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend is upset because I don’t orgasm easily

Her boyfriend criticises her pubic hair and won't go down on her even though that's the only way she orgasms. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: my vagina smells like something died in it

Her vagina smells like something died up there when she gets her period. What is it and how can she fix it?

Aunt Vadge: I lack sexual confidence – help!

She can't have sex properly because she's so ashamed. What can she do?

Aunt Vadge: how on earth do you have sex?

A young couple have never had sex and have no idea how to do it. How to get started?

Aunt Vadge: I think I have my first yeast infection

A 20-year-old is in tears because she thinks she has her first yeast infection ever after taking antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Aunt Vadge: sex scratch that keeps bleeding

A woman has been scratched while being fingered by her boyfriend, and it keeps bleeding.

What is sex?

Sex is more than just sticking a penis in it - sex is anything sexual. Here we list out the basics of sex.

Aunt Vadge: Are my cuts really from another yeast infection?

She's got what seems to be yeast-related cuts on her vulva, but is that really what's going on? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: will my vulvar tear get infected?

They had a fingering mishap and now she has a vulvar wound - will it get infected?

Aunt Vadge: I have a perineal sore – is it an STI?

A woman has a torn perineum, but doesn't know why.

Aunt Vadge: can I catch an STD from a guy rubbing his penis on my vagina?

Passing on infections is easy, and yes, you can catch an STD from rubbing genitals. Lots of them, actually.

Aunt Vadge: mid-cycle bleeding – am I pregnant?

Mid-cycle bleeding on the pill - what's wrong?

Aunt Vadge: I have green, watery discharge – do I have an STI?

She has light green, watery discharge, and is worried it's a sexually transmitted infection. We discuss her options and what to do next.

Aunt Vadge: my hymen split horse riding – will my future husband know?

Sticky questions about the hymen and virginity.

Aunt Vadge: What role is insulin resistance playing in my PCOS?

A woman is struggling to understand her stress-related PCOS symptoms.

Aunt Vadge: unexpected bleeding after fingering – is it my hymen?

A 15-year-old and her boyfriend discovered bleeding after fingering. Was it her hymen, or something else?

Aunt Vadge: what should I expect from first-time sex?

Get the full run-down on what to do and what to expect from first-time sex.

Aunt Vadge: why do tampons hurt to put in?

Get the guff on tampons and fingering gone wrong.

Aunt Vadge: Why is my vagina different after being fingered?

An 18-year-old is worried that her vagina is stretched after being fingered. True or false?

Aunt Vadge: I slipped – will my clitoris be ok or should I go to the hospital?

She slipped in the bath and has cut her clitoris and labia. We explain what is happening and how to heal her vagina and vulva.

Aunt Vadge: is discharge after sex normal?

A 19-year-old is wondering if more vaginal fluids after sex is normal, which it is! There is plenty of juiciness floating around during sex.