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Aunt Vadge: strange growths around my urethra

She has some strange growths next to her urethra - what is it? Why has it appeared?

Aunt Vadge: what’s wrong with my vagina?

She has a mysterious set of infection symptoms, while also suffering malnutrition over a long period of time. We discuss her best bets.

Aunt Vadge: little pimple below my urethra

A small yellow pimple-like spot has appeared just below her urethra. What is it and what can she do about it?

Aunt Vadge: I have adrenal PCOS, high stress and gut issues, what should I do?

Sometimes PCOS can be caused or exacerbated by stress. When we are very stressed and have a lot going on PCOS can get complex and it is hard to know where to start.

Aunt Vadge: I feel like I have a UTI if I don’t drink enough water

She had sex once, got a UTI, and now everytime she doesn't drink enough water, her UTI seems to come back.

Aunt Vadge: have I ruined my labia by masturbating?

A 25-year-old is worried she has broken her labia masturbating and might need a labiaplasty.

Aunt Vadge: less vaginal fluids than normal – why?

Her vaginal fluids have become thinner and less copious . Why?

Aunt Vadge: how do we have sex?

A 17-year-old is ready to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time, but she has no idea how to go about it. Aunt Vadge explains.

Aunt Vadge: I’m too scared of pain to have sex

She is afraid of pain when having sex, and it's stopping her and her boyfriend from having sex.

Aunt Vadge: why did fingering hurt the second time and not the first?

A 17-year-old was fingered by her girlfriend twice; the first time was fine, but the second time hurt. Why were the experiences different?

Aunt Vadge: we had sex, but now my boyfriend has a red, itchy, sore penis – was it my thrush?

She had sex for the first time with her new boyfriend, but now he has a red, itchy, sore penis. What's gone on?

Aunt Vadge: urethral problems, bladder problems, no diagnosis for lump

A 22-year-old has an unexplained growth just under her urethra, after being diagnosed with a neurological condition of the bladder. What's going on?

Aunt Vadge: I gave my boyfriend a BJ, then about 20 minutes later his penis touched my vag – can I get pregnant?

Can sperm survive when it's dried, on a penis, and then get me pregnant after 15 minutes?

Aunt Vadge: are there women who don’t like vaginal sex?

A woman is wondering if it's possible to just not enjoy vaginal sex, but love oral and fingering. The answer is yes!

Aunt Vadge: I feel like I need to pee 24/7

A 16-year-old has to pee all the time and it really hurts. We discuss the possible causes and what to do about it.

Aunt Vadge: had a rectocele but now have a protruding bump around vagina

A little bauble has appeared just above her vaginal opening after a rectocele earlier in the month. What is it?

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend was rough on my clit, now it’s swollen

An 18-year-old has had a rough sexual encounter and has a swollen, sore clitoris and is wondering what she should do about it. We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: vagina feels funny during fingering

When she fingers herself, or her boyfriend fingers her, sometimes her vagina feel strange and hurts. We discuss some options as to what it could be.

Aunt Vadge: dry vagina, possible EBV, nobody can help me – help!

A 71-year-old is having major issues with a dry vagina, has suddenly developed pain with sex, and possibly has EBV.

Aunt Vadge: can I masturbate after Bartholin’s cyst drainage?

She has just had a Bartholin's cyst drained, and is wondering if it's too soon to masturbate, only stimulating her clitoris - no penetration involved.

Aunt Vadge: poor diet related to vaginal cuts?

She has a bad diet and weird cuts on her labia. Why are they related?

Aunt Vadge: can fingering bring on a double period?

Can fingering bring on a period twice in one month? Short answer - no. We explain why.

Aunt Vadge: what should I expect from first-time sex?

Get the full run-down on what to do and what to expect from first-time sex.

Aunt Vadge: I don’t feel sexual pleasure – is something wrong with me?

She's worried that she'll never feel sexual pleasure, as it just doesn't seem to work for her. We delve into how she might go about finding out about her sexuality - or lack thereof.

Aunt Vadge: fingering questions – will I bleed again? Should I use lube?

A second fingering experience brings worries about bleeding and questions about lube.

Aunt Vadge: my vagina tastes and smells bad, but I don’t have an infection

She has a bad diet and a bad vag. We discuss her options.

Aunt Vadge: can I catch an STD from a guy rubbing his penis on my vagina?

Passing on infections is easy, and yes, you can catch an STD from rubbing genitals. Lots of them, actually.

Aunt Vadge: my daughter wants to shave her bikini line but I’m scared for her safety

A father is trying to navigate his daughter shaving her bikini line, and is wondering if he should pay someone else to do it, or let her at it.

Aunt Vadge: midnight itch

A woman has an itchy clitoris during the night, and wants some advice on how to manage the itch before she sees her doctor.

Aunt Vadge: did I lose my virginity or is this my period? Or both?

She isn't sure if the bleeding she is experiencing is her period or was caused by her boyfriend's penis.

Aunt Vadge: I’m a guy with some questions!

Will she like it if I touch her breasts while we have sex? And should I kiss them or use my hands? We find out!

Aunt Vadge: there was blood after fingering, but no pain

He's freaking out, she's not: bleeding after fingering, but without pain.

Aunt Vadge: Am I cutting myself shaving or is a yeast infection?

Is it shaving cuts, herpes or a yeast infection?

Aunt Vadge: how can I help my girlfriend have a vaginal orgasm?

A 24-year-old man wants to know how to give his girlfriend a vaginal orgasm. We review some ideas on how to get her there.

Aunt Vadge: three small flesh-coloured growths under urethra – it’s been months!

Rice-grain-sized lumps have appeared on her vulva. What are they?

Aunt Vadge: bleeding 3 days after fingering, fertile pre-cum

No, it's not normal to bleed 3 days after being fingered, and pre-cum is fertile in many men.

Aunt Vadge: My girlfriend and I are both 14 and want to try sex – how do we make it not hurt?

A 14-year-old guy is preparing for sex with his girlfriend for the first time, but is worried that he will hurt her.

Aunt Vadge: Do I have a short vagina?

Does she have a short vagina or is she just doing it all wrong?

Aunt Vadge: fordyce bumps – how do I tell sexual partners what they are?

A 21-year-old has bigger tiny labia bumps than her lovers. How does she explain this to them without it feeling weird?

Aunt Vadge: would the BV Herbal Blend irritate my sensitive bladder?

A 57-year-old is looking for a BV treatment that won't upset her bladder. She's heard great things, but is the BV Herbal Blend a good choice?

Aunt Vadge: Did my partner give me a Gardnerella infection?

Did this woman catch Gardnerella off her partner?

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend stabbed me with his penis – how is that possible?

We discuss how a penis stabs - and cuts - a vagina.

Aunt Vadge: can I use the sticky end of a glue stick to masturbate?

A 15-year-old wants to know if she's allowed to masturbate before marriage, and if so, can she use the sticky end of a glue stick. We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: had sex, now pain and blood when I pee… what’s going on?

There was some blood at the end of urinating, but now it's just pain on urinating that has lasted for two weeks.

Aunt Vadge: so much blood after fingering – what’s wrong?

A young lady has been fingered for the first time and it has resulted in profuse bleeding. What's happened? We have two instalments.

Aunt Vadge: can cum from clothes get me pregnant?

A 16-year-old had a dalliance with her boy, and there was cum and a clean-up job involved. Can she be pregnant?

Aunt Vadge: is there a cream I can use to heal a vag shaving cut?

She cut her labia shaving - does she just leave it to heal or can she do something?

Aunt Vadge: is my womb falling out?

A woman is scared that her uterus is falling out.

Aunt Vadge: tears, bleeding, itching, irritation – what’s wrong?

A 58-year-old woman is experiencing unusual cuts, bleeding, and pain in and around her vagina and anus.

Aunt Vadge: transparent bubbly liquid coming out of my vagina

A 19-year-old was fingered by her boyfriend, and now has transparent bubbly liquid coming out of her vagina when she gets turned on. Why?

Aunt Vadge: masturbating causes me to have back pain for a week

A 28-year-old gets back pain for up to ten days after fingering herself, and needs help resolving the issue.

Aunt Vadge: his precum touched me – could I be pregnant?

How fertile is precum and did it get me and what if it did and am I ovulating? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: paper cuts around clitoris

She has tiny paper cuts on the clitoral hood that may or may not be related to an ongoing yeast infection present in the labia.

Aunt Vadge: fingering cut is healed, but when can I have sex again?

Her boyfriend cut her with a fingernail by mistake, and they landed in the emergency room. All seems well, but when can they have sex again?

Aunt Vadge: I spot for a few days after sex with my boyfriend – why?

A 16-year-old gets some spotting after sex with her boyfriend, but she isn't sure why it's happening. We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: neverending itch

A young lady has an unidentified and ongoing itch.

Aunt Vadge: post-sex and fingering blood and swelling

A 23-year-old is thinking about quitting sex altogether. Why would anyone do that? Pain and bleeding after fingering, of course!

Aunt Vadge: my LEEP procedure sample was too burnt to test – what now?

A 51-year-old has undergone a LEEP excision of her cervix, only to be told that the sample was too burnt to test. What now?

Aunt Vadge: irregular pink tissue around vaginal opening

A 29-year-old has discovered a little tongue-like piece of tissue protruding out of her vagina and is wondering what it is.

Aunt Vadge: can I use a snotty tissue to wipe after a wee?

We discuss whether it's safe to use a snotty tissue to wipe yourself after urinating, or if it could introduce the wrong stuff into your vulva.

Aunt Vadge: 1.5″ tear on labia – see the doc or not?

She has a 1.5" tear, but how does she decide if she needs to go to the doctor or not?

Aunt Vadge: I have to ride a bike tomorrow, but I’ve cut my labia

She has to ride her bike tomorrow but she's scratched the edge of her vagina. What can she do to help it?

Aunt Vadge: my vagina is now drying up during stimulation

She has suddenly become less juicy than she once was - what's happening?

Aunt Vadge: Are these lumps my labia?

We discuss whether the lumps on a young lady's labia could be just her labia, or if there is possibly something wrong.

Aunt Vadge: lumps on labia – do I have hidradenitis?

Abscesses, lumps on the labia, what is going on?

Aunt Vadge: why do I have a dry patch on my labia?

A 16-year-old girl has a dry patch on her vulva that just won't go away.

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend has really chapped lips – how can I get him to fix it?

A 21-year-old is trying to convince her boyfriend to fix his chapped lips, but he keeps refusing, making for sandpaper kisses.

Aunt Vadge: What kind of intersex am I?

A 25-year-old Texan is wondering what is inside her vagina, and if she is intersex. If so, what sort of intersex is she?

Aunt Vadge: Labia-first into the ocean while water skiing – help!

She hit the water with her labia while water skiing, and now she has a cut on the inside of her inner labia.

Aunt Vadge: fingering wound leaves flappy skin – cut or reattach?

A fingernail has sliced a large cut in a vulva. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: am I just too tight to have sex?

Were the tears caused by her Bartholin's cyst, or is she too tight? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: itchy, sore, tears, cracks… yeast treatment sort of worked. What next?

Her yeast infection treatment hasn't really solved the problem entirely, so what should she do?

Aunt Vadge: I was fingered now my period is late – am I pregnant?

She was fingered three weeks ago, bled for 3-5 days afterwards, and now her period is 10 days late. Could she be pregnant or is there another reason why her period could be later than usual?

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend split me fingering and now it always hurts to have sex

She is suffering from serious vulvar pain during sex, making it impossible to even start sex. What's going on, and why did this happen after her boyfriend split her vagina?

Aunt Vadge: recurrent tears beneath clitoris

A 14-year-old keeps getting little tears underneath her clitoris but above her urethral opening, but isn't sure why.

Aunt Vadge: I slipped – will my clitoris be ok or should I go to the hospital?

She slipped in the bath and has cut her clitoris and labia. We explain what is happening and how to heal her vagina and vulva.

Aunt Vadge: vulva scratch that won’t heal

A menopausal woman has a vulva scratch that isn't healing. Find out what's wrong.

Aunt Vadge: why can’t I go deeper?

A 20-something virgin is having trouble getting past two knuckles. How will she ever have sex?

Aunt Vadge: something hard on my uterus – is it fibroids?

A hard growth can be felt at the cervix and a 22-year-old is worried that it's uterine fibroids.

Aunt Vadge: did yoga tear my clitoris?

She's been doing pelvic yoga and developed a pain in her clitoris, which hasn't quite healed. What's wrong?

Aunt Vadge: why is fingering so excruciating?

A virgin may still have an intact hymen. How will she know?

Aunt Vadge: cuts around clitoral hood – is it herpes?

A 25-year-old is anxious she has herpes, due to cuts that keep returning around her clitoral hood. We discuss what else it could be.

Aunt Vadge: small, red, tender lump near clitoris

An 18-year-old has a sore red little lump on her inner labia that is causing her some concern and pain. Aunt Vadge offers some suggestions.

Aunt Vadge: why does sex hurt my girlfriend so much?

A guy wants to know how he can have sex with his partner without it hurting.

Aunt Vadge: how do I bring up sex with my boyfriend (and what about my vagina’s taste?)

A 15-year-old is wondering how she can broach the sex subject with her boyfriend, and is curious about her vagina's sour taste.

Aunt Vadge: we’re newly married and can’t figure out how to make sex feel good

A 27-year-old guy is newly married, both virgins. They are trying to figure out how to have sex so that it feels good.

Aunt Vadge: his penis touched the outside – can I be pregnant?

Can you get pregnant from a penis rubbing on a vagina? We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: have I discovered a double vagina?

She sounds like she has a longitudinal vaginal septum, but what does that mean for her? We discuss what she may have found in her vagina.

Aunt Vadge: my daughter is having problems passing urine

A father is worried about his 12-year-old daughter, as she feels as if her urine stream is blocked and there is inflammation.

Aunt Vadge: what do you think about laser hair removal for hidradenitis suppurativa?

An HS sufferer wants to discuss laser hair removal as a management strategy for flare-ups.

Aunt Vadge: sores and swollen vulva – what’s happening to me?

A 20-year-old has sprung up with mysterious sores on her vulva that are making walking around extremely painful.

Aunt Vadge: I now bleed heavily after being fingered even though I’m not cut…

For a year, she bleeds heavily after being fingered, even though it feels good and she's lubed. We discuss what the problem could be.

Aunt Vadge: my vagina itches and burns after antibiotic treatment for a sinus infection

She has brown discharge and post-antibiotic itching and burning with cuts.

Aunt Vadge: vulvodynia and clitorodynia at the beach – can I do anything?

She's at the beach and her vulvodynia and clitorodynia are playing up. Pain festival, but what can she do?

Aunt Vadge: a vaginal infection that won’t go away

A 19-year-old has an unidentified infection that won't go away after trying lots of remedies and treatments.

Aunt Vadge: I can only get off on oral sex

Is a spate of sexual assaults responsible for this 21-year-old only getting off on oral sex?

Aunt Vadge: why am I bleeding so much after just a small amount of fingering?

Her boyfriend's unpleasant fingering has left her with excessive bleeding three days later. What's happened?

Aunt Vadge: I haven’t had sex for two years – is my vag ok?

A woman is worried that her vagina may not be up to scratch after two years without sex and only masturbating.

Aunt Vadge: posterior fourchette tearing after sex – why is this happening?

Mysterious vaginal fissures are appearing relentlessly after sex. What's wrong?

Aunt Vadge: my hymen is torn after a hard-on slip – will I be ok?

A 16-year-old virgin has an accidentally torn hymen from her boyfriend's penis. We discuss hymenal remnants.

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend is upset because I don’t orgasm easily

Her boyfriend criticises her pubic hair and won't go down on her even though that's the only way she orgasms. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: I’m waiting for biopsy results – is there anything I can do in the meantime?

She's had an abnormal smear result and two biopsies, and she wants recommendations on remedies to help before her test results.

Aunt Vadge: my partner just wants to finger me and try to make me squirt, but I hate it

A 61-year-old's partner only wants to fingerbang her until she squirts, just like in the movies. She's never heard of it. Their relationship broke down as a result and she wants to talk about it. We discuss.

Aunt Vadge: I’m new to fingering, and it bled a little bit the last time – why?

A 16-year-old girl has started fingering herself, but the last time, she bled a little bit.

Aunt Vadge: my period is 10 days late – am I pregnant or is it something else?

Her period is late. She had sex but used a condom - so what else could it be?

Aunt Vadge: is this what sex is supposed to feel like?

A first-timer has questions about pressure on her organs, pain, and a small cut. She felt like there was a wall, and the penis was trying to break through it. We discuss some anatomical abnormalities.

Aunt Vadge: doc stitched me up wrong after birth, now sex is excruciating

After the birth of a child, a woman is struggling with episiotomy scars that are inflexible, resulting in painful sex.

Aunt Vadge: why do I have a sudden urge to pee all the time?

A 21-year-old is having first-time sex, but is experiencing UTI-like symptoms that she's not sure what to do with. We explain.

Aunt Vadge: white stuff and tears on my clitoral hood

A 14-year-old is experiencing thick, white discharge from the clitoral hood area, with little cuts around the edges that hurt.

Aunt Vadge: did I stretch my labia too far?

A college student pulled on her labia when she was younger, and now it's bigger... why?

Aunt Vadge: itchy, swollen, cottage cheese discharge – what’s wrong with me?

A young woman has what appears to be a post-antibiotics yeast infection. Here's how to fix it.

Aunt Vadge: I’m scared of my doctor doing a pelvic exam

She is 17 and has never had a pap smear or pelvic exam. She's terrified! How will she overcome her fear of the speculum and a male doctor?

Aunt Vadge: will this cut on my clitoris ever heal?

She has ended up with a cut near her clitoris from sex play. Will it ever heal?

Aunt Vadge T&C

Aunt Vadge's terms and conditions of use - read carefully!

Aunt Vadge: Are my vaginal tears herpes?

An 18-year-old has tears and is scared that it might be herpes.

Aunt Vadge: I’m scared of needles – how do I get rid of an ingrown hair on my bikini line?

She's scared of needles, but has an ingrown hair on her bikini line - we discuss how to get it out without a pin or needle.

Aunt Vadge: I just got married, had sex 5 times in 24 hours, now I have a blister – why?

A newly-married couple has been at it for days, but now she has a blister and scrapes. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: a new tampon brand may not agree with my vagina

She tried a new brand of tampons, and now she's got a tear that hurts.

Aunt Vadge: vag on fire after using new bubble bath!

She used a new bubble bath, and now her vulva is itchy, burning and sore. We discuss why this has happened and how to avoid it in future.

Aunt Vadge: Constant UTIs and thrush

A woman is concerned that she is a sex addict, while also trying to figure out how to prevent frequent UTIs and yeast infections.

Aunt Vadge: smelly discharge, no infection – what’s wrong with me?

She has a smelly vagina, but all tests come back clear. Here we offer some bacterial rebalancing solutions for non-infected 'off' vaginas.

Aunt Vadge: my boyfriend fingered me with four fingers and the bleeding was immense

She was fingered with four fingers by her boyfriend, and the bleeding seems like her period. What's happened?

Aunt Vadge: bicycle accident has left my labia torn – what do I do?

A bicycle accident has left a young lady with a split labia.

Aunt Vadge: When I sit down, my vagina gets hot – why?

When she sits down for long periods of time, her crotch gets firey hot - why does this happen?

Aunt Vadge: weird dry, itchy bumps on my labia

She has a dry patch on her labia that is really itchy and irritated, and won't go away.

Aunt Vadge: why has this cut appeared on my clit?

A 27-year-old has an unexpected cut on one side of her clitoris. What is it?

Aunt Vadge: my period gives me the jeeb and now I’ve hurt myself

What do you do if seeing your period creeps you out?

Aunt Vadge: my vulva is peeling and itchy, my clitoris painful

She has an itchy, peeling vagina with stabbing pains in her clitoris and some cuts. What's going on?

Aunt Vadge: I had sex, now I’m bleeding, but I’m too scared to tell my mum – what should I say?

A 16-year-old had sex, and has started bleeding and it won't stop. How does she get her mum to take her to the doctor without telling her about the sex?

Aunt Vadge: am I late or pregnant?

The tip of his penis touched her vagina - could she be pregnant, or is her period late for another reason? We investigate.

Aunt Vadge: body swollen after sex

A woman has had an allergic reaction to sperm that has lasted for a year... what's wrong?

Aunt Vadge: Can sperm swim from my labia inside?

Pre-cum, underwear and pregnancy: help!

Aunt Vadge: dry rough patch on vaginal opening after sex every day

She isn't sure what's causing the dry white patch on her labia. Could it be sex?

Aunt Vadge: my vagina and bottom have been itchy for years

A 37-year-old has had an itchy vagina and anal area for many years and isn't sure why it's happening or what she should do about it.

Aunt Vadge: We hit a lump – what is it?

An 18-year-old American girl has a mysterious lump. What should she do?

Aunt Vadge: yeast infection won’t go away

A yeast infection won't go away even after OTC vaginal treatments. What can she do?

Aunt Vadge: what constitutes inappropriate touching?

Is washing a 10-year-old girl's vagina acceptable, or molestation?

Aunt Vadge: I’m so tight, I can’t have sex with my new husband – help!

A new wife is having major issues with vaginal tightness. We discuss what she can do to figure out what's wrong and solve the problem.

Aunt Vadge: is this a fingering wound or my period?

She was fingered for the first time, and it bled and started to heal, but then she started bleeding again. Is it her period or is something wrong?

Aunt Vadge: am I wrong to want vaginal intercourse?

A 72-year-old woman is battling with her fiance regarding oral sex and sexual intercourse.

Aunt Vadge: itching, bleeding, and a bad smell after attempted sex and fingering

They tried to have sex, she was fingered, and now she has bleeding, itching, and a foul smell. What's wrong?

Aunt Vadge: why am I dry during sex and can’t orgasm?

A 23-year-old can't orgasm and her vagina is dry during sex, but why? We discuss the issues and how to get around the problem.

Aunt Vadge: Got fingered – am I pregnant?

A 16-year-old from South Africa was fingered by her boyfriend, who was masturbating in his other hand, then she was fingered again. Could she be pregnant?

Aunt Vadge: double vagina – what are my options for surgery?

A 23-year-old has just been diagnosed with a double vagina (longitudinal vaginal septum), and wants information on her surgical options to correct it.

Aunt Vadge: Am I pregnant?

Is she pregnant or has she just ovulated late? We find out.

Aunt Vadge: tampon starts to fall out after 15 mins

A 15-year-old is having trouble with tampons falling out. See how she can fix it.

Aunt Vadge: I had ureaplasma and E. coli – which treatment do I use first?

A 40-year-old wants to know which of the Killing BV blends to use first for ureaplasma and E. coli. Aunt Vadge explains.

Aunt Vadge: I was masturbating in the shower and now my mons pubis is peeling

After using the showerhead to masturbate, she's ended up with a peeling, sore pubic area. What's gone wrong with getting wet in the shower?

Aunt Vadge: Tampon string soaked with blood, but tampon dry?

Her tampon string is soaked, but the tampon itself is dry. Has she cut herself?