Aunt Vadge: clotorimazone cream burned my vagina

Aunt Vadge, 

I was having a yeast infection in my vagina, so my doctor prescribe clotrimazole cream, which I used 7 days but then after 7 days of use, my vaginal mucosa inside was very itchy, and when I used it again, it just burned all inside my vaginal mucosa very badly. Inside my vagina is now full of white flakes and also itches so badly.

So please tell me which cream should I use for a chemically burned vagina?


Hi there Burnt,

Just check that the clotrimazole cream is for vaginal use – there is a lot of clotrimazole cream that is only for use externally (like on feet or arms and legs), and that would burn if you put it into your vagina. Antifungals are not famous for being side-effect free, so try other non-anti-fungal methods of getting rid of yeast problems in future.

Check out the yeast infections page for more information on how to get around yeast infections.

A side effect of the vaginal variation is also burning, itching and abdominal pain, so it is unlikely to be a true chemical burn, but it can feel like it!

You do not need to use anything – just leave it alone and let it heal up. If you are getting yeast infections, swamp your insides (through the mouth!) with fermented foods and probiotics, particularly with any probiotic that has Saccharomyces boulardii in it.

It usually clears up yeast infections within a day or two, without use of antifungals. You can also insert yoghurt, milk kefir and probiotics inside you vagina, but I wouldn’t do that until your vagina has healed. More as a first port of call next time you have a yeast infection.

If your symptoms persist or doesn’t seem to be healing, you need to visit the doctor again.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge