Aunt Vadge: Constant UTIs and thrush

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I’ve been with my boyfriend almost 3 years now and recently I’ve discovered I may be addicted to sex. I masturbate through dry humping a lot and I constantly seem to be horny when I’m alone or with my boyfriend.

I am quite prone to getting urinary tract infections after I have sex, so I went to the doctors seeking antibiotics. I was given antibiotics which then gave me thrush, which I wasn’t aware of at the time, so I was still having sex and it was hurting a lot so we had to stop.

Around this time (this started in July and still isn’t fixed) I was due to get a IUD coil fitted, so I was visiting the sexual health clinic where I told them how it stung when I had sex so they ran some tests and postponed my coil fitting by two weeks.

I was told I would receive a text with my results and they came back clear, the doctor just said it appeared to be swollen, and gave me some cream to put on which was supposed to get rid of thrush.

So now every time I have sex I have to take an antibiotic and apply the cream to avoid another UTI. Now, when I have sex it does still sting a little during but I’ve been trying to ignore it because I crave sex so much and my partner has a lower sex drive than me.

So I’ve been masturbating and I’ve been experiencing a stinging sensation after I orgasm, I’d just like some information on this before I go to a doctor or the sexual health clinic.


Dear Stinging,

Hello there,

It sounds like you’re managing quite a few challenges at the moment, and I can understand how distressing this situation must be for you.

First off, let’s address the stinging sensation you’re experiencing. That could be a sign that there’s inflammation or an infection past the thrush you’ve already dealt with, and continuing to have sex or masturbate despite the pain might be exacerbating any underlying issue.

The fact that sex and masturbation are causing discomfort is definitely a sign that your body needs some attention. Plus, the recurring need for antibiotics after sex indicates that your urinary tract infections (UTIs) might not be getting fully resolved, or there are other factors at play here that need to be identified and treated appropriately.

As for the intense sexual urges, there’s a spectrum of what’s considered a healthy sex drive, and it varies widely among individuals. However, if you feel it’s causing distress or impacting your life negatively, it might be worth exploring this with a healthcare professional or a sex therapist.

My advice would be to book an appointment with your GP or a sexual health clinic to address both the recurrent UTIs and the stinging pain. Explain your sexual health history in detail, including the thrush and antibiotic use, as well as your current symptoms after masturbation. They may need to conduct a thorough examination and perhaps run a new set of tests to identify any ongoing issues.

In the meantime, it might be wise to give your body a rest from sexual activity to allow any potential inflammation or infection to heal. I know that might be challenging given your high libido, but consider it a necessary pause for the sake of your health.

Your physical and mental well-being are incredibly important, and there’s no need to suffer in silence or tolerate pain. Get you the care you need so you can enjoy your sexuality without discomfort.

Remember, sex should be pleasurable, not painful. Take that step and book an appointment soon. You deserve to feel good and enjoy your body worry-free. In the meantime…

Tips for staying UTI and thrush-free

  1. Urinate directly after sex.
  2. Rinse under the shower after sex.
  3. Make sure your anus is really clean before sex.
  4. Clean hands too, if they are involved – no double dipping (vagina-anus-vagina). This includes his anus.
  5. Eat more probiotic fermented foods and drinks. Check the ferments section for ideas.
  6. Eat really well. Good, clean food. You know how to do it! You need to provide a good environment for the healthy bacteria to thrive and the flow-on effect to occur into your vagina and urethra.

Take care,
Aunt Vadge