Aunt Vadge: is discharge after sex normal?

Hey Aunt Vadge,

I just wanted to know is discharge during sex normal? I recently had sex with my boyfriend, and when he came out there a was a tiny bit of white vaginal discharge (the normal kind) on his penis… is that normal?

Age: 19
Country: Jamaica

Dear Curious,

Yes! It is very normal that your vaginal fluids would get onto your boyfriend’s penis during sex, and that they would come out on his penis afterwards. What’s more, your vagina produces more fluids during sex, so there is likely to be more fluids on his penis than you would experience if you masturbated, say.

Also, when your boyfriend’s penis goes right up into your vagina, near your cervix, there is more fluid than you would normally see if it just came out normally. His penis might ‘collect’ some of the fluids, and they’ll come out on his penis when he pulls out.

If he ejaculated inside of you, then of course you’ll have semen that comes out afterwards too, which looks and feels (and smells) a bit different to your normal fluids. Some men produce a lot of preejaculate fluid too, which might add to the moisture content of your vagina.

The little glands next to your vaginal opening produce a clear, slippery liquid when you are turned on, so if the sex turned you on, then there will be even more fluids. This is what makes you ‘wet’. Here’s a diagram:

Vulva Diagram

Write anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge