Aunt Vadge: sex mishap has split my vulva

Hi Aunt Vadge! 

So I’ve looked everywhere online and am still kind of freaked out about it! On Friday my boyfriend and I were having sex and he accidentally slipped out and rammed into my clitoris. I then bled a lot, like a lot. I took my phone to see the damage and it looks like I tore right below my clitoris to my labia minora to my vaginal opening. So it’s close to an inch long.

It stopped bleeding, but it’s just an open wound/cut. I am super freaked out and don’t want to have to go to the doctor if not necessary. Is this something that I should freak out about? Do I need stitches? 

A very worried lady
Age: 23
Country: United States

Dear Very Worried Lady,

That sounds like a big vulvar split! The main thing you need to think about is, when your vulva heals, is it going to heal funny? Does your labia/clitoral area seem like it’s healing, but is going to be disfiguring?

Your vulvar tissue heals quite quickly and usually without scarring, but an inch is a big vulvar cut. I understand not wanting to go to the doctor for expense and time off work or school, but you need to make the call on that.

If your tear is still bleeding, seems infected (hot, red, tender), there is loose hanging flesh, or the split is gaping (as in, you can see inside the wound because the sides are split open), then I would recommend you see a doctor or visit your local sexual health clinic to be checked out. You may indeed need some type of apparatus like stitches or a small piece of special medical tape to hold the two sides of the split together so they can reattach to each other properly, without leaving a divot in your skin or a scar.

Follow normal wound-care routines as you would for any cut, but don’t use any harsh disinfectants or soaps. Your good bacteria will help keep the cut clean and healing well, but you can use some Betadine (povidone-iodine) solution to keep it clean while it heals, and keep bad bacteria from getting into the wound.

Apply some paw paw or coconut oil to your labia and clitoris around the cut keep the wound supple as it heals, to help avoid discomfort, and if it stings when you pee, use a cup of warm water to pour over your vulva into the toilet as you go. This just helps stop the burning.

It may take a few weeks to heal this type of labial tear, but this is normal.

Keep checking it, and if it seems like there is something going wrong with your vulva, see someone immediately. You don’t want to cause permanent damage to your vulva. If you have a free sexual health clinic around, or a doctor’s visit is free or cheap, it could pay to just pop in and get examined. They will know what to do.

Here are some instructions on wound care.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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