Aunt Vadge: clitoral cuts that won’t heal


A reader shares her distress over clitoral cuts caused by rough fingering, seeking advice from Aunt Vadge. The response emphasizes the importance of gentle care, avoiding irritants like baby wipes, and opting for natural oils for lubrication. The advice also touches on the significance of avoiding further irritation and the potential need for professional medical advice if healing doesn’t occur. Suggestions for safer sexual practices to prevent such injuries are also provided.

Hello Aunt Vadge,

I’ve had a vaginal cut that started on the lower part of my vagina when me and my girlfriend were having sex. She was giving me fingers and was too rough and her nails are long and that’s how it happened. It hurt and was painful and after a few days of fondling and scratching it, it accidentally turn into two more cuts and a little one on the top of my clitoris.

It’s been two weeks now and its doesn’t seem to be healing. My girlfriend bought me an ointment. Brand name Lafco. At first I wanted to just apply some coconut or baby oil but she didn’t want to because she said she was not sure if that would do anything.

After taking a bath without washing the vagina, just water, I wipe it up with Huggies aloe baby wipes. And any time I do it stings and hurt. I am at a point where I don’t know where to go from here. I am sad and worried about it. Please is there any help.


Hi Scratched,

First of all, stop using baby wipes. They contain ingredients that will irritate your cuts and keep them sore. Coconut oil would have been just fine, and you did the right thing by washing just with water.

So, keep washing just with water, stop touching it completely, and to lubricate the flesh, apply some vegetable-based oil or ointment after your shower – it will help to stop the skin from pinching as it heals. Stop using the ointment – your vagina will be fine without it, and I can’t find any information on that ointment online to check its ingredients.

Your body is fabulous and will heal up if you give it the right environment. The reason cuts don’t heal is because they either have a sustaining cause (you keep touching it, putting irritating substances onto it) or your body doesn’t have what it needs to rebuild the flesh (protein, vitamins, minerals). Let’s just assume for now your insides are fine, and that you are just irritating the cuts so they are unable to heal.

Once you leave the wounds alone to heal, you should see improvements in a day or two. Minor cuts and tears can be encouraged to heal well with a moisturising vulva and vagina-friendly cuts cream.

The other important thing here is to keep sharp nails and vigorous fingering away from vaginas! Vaginas tear very easily, and the last thing you want is a painful vagina because your lover cut you with their nails. An option is to wear a latex or non-latex glove for finger sex play if you have long nails – it feels good with some lube, and you can avoid the damage. Or she could trim the nails she uses to finger you.

We have an article on fingering basics, which is designed for men who don’t have vaginas so don’t understand how easily they get damaged, but maybe your girlfriend could get a few hints from it. Be gentle, go slow and make sure whatever you both do to each other always feels good. The minute you feel pain or discomfort, stop, because it means you are damaging your flesh, which will put you out of action for days!

If more cuts develop or it really doesn’t heal, it might be time to go and see a doctor at a sexual health clinic and explain what has happened so they can give you some better advice on what the problem might be – it’s hard to see from here.

If you need anything else, ask away.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge