Aunt Vadge’s Delicate Cuts Cream


Finally, a cuts cream designed just for your delicate vulva, made entirely out of vagina-safe, moisturising, healing ingredients.

Naturopath-developed with your delicate bits in mind.

Perfect for:

  • Minor cuts
  • Slow-healing cuts
  • Tears or cuts caused by dryness or irritation
  • Soothing inflammation

What’s so great about Aunt Vadge’s Delicate Cuts Cream?

  • Herbal cream developed by qualified, experienced vulvovaginal specialist naturopaths
  • Soothing, healing calendula and wound-healing gotu kola liquid herbal extracts
  • Pharmaceutical-quality deeply moisturising cream base designed for vaginas
  • Safe for internal and external use
  • Fragrance free formula – it smells like the herbal extracts we put in it!
  • Colour-free formula – it’s green, just like the herbal extracts we put in it!
  • Cute, discreet tin that you can reuse when you’re done!

This cream is not an antimicrobial and will not negatively affect vaginal or vulvar microflora.

8g/0.3 fl.oz
Use as needed for minor vulvar irritation, dryness, cuts and tears, following the advice of your healthcare practitioner.

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