Aunt Vadge: I yanked a tampon out and now it hurts


A first-time tampon user shares her painful experience of yanking out a tampon, leading to severe discomfort and potential vaginal damage. Aunt Vadge advises against harsh removal and highlights the need for medical examination to address any underlying issues such as vulvodynia or damage to the vaginal wall.

Hi Aunt Vadge,

This probably isn’t what you are normally emailed but I don’t know who to ask. Last month I tried using a tampon for the first time. I put it in and it was alright but later on I thought it was ready to come out so I pulled it just a tad and realized it wasn’t ready.

Later on it started to make its way out gradually as I walked and it became VERY uncomfortable. So I went to the bathroom and decided to take it out and put another in.

My mother had always said when it came to things like this that the quicker you do it, the better. So I faced my fears and yanked it out. Afterwards my legs wouldn’t stop shaking it hurt so bad. The tampon I used opened up like a wall instead of an umbrella shape which made it hurt worse.

I then decided against another tampon at the time and continued wearing pads. I just started my next period today and every time I pee or anytime anything period related comes out, the inside of my vagina hurts. It hasn’t bothered me until now. What do I do?


Hi there Yanker,

Thanks for your email. Your mother is totally correct about the ripping things off quick thing, but does not apply to yuor vagina! Never yank anything out of your vagina, because as you now know, it hurts, and can do damage. Be gentle and slow.

Because a whole month has passed between this period and the last one, and after that very painful incident your vagina now hurts with your period, it would appear you have done some physical damage to the wall of your vagina, or a nerve problem may have developed like vulvodynia.

I couldn’t accurately guess what has happened, so you are going to need to go and be examined by a doctor, and explain to them what’s going on, and see if they can find the source of the problem. You may have damaged yourself – the pain and legs shaking thing seems severe, and you may have pulled the vaginal wall away, with the tampon having been stuck to the wall.

Your period shouldn’t be hurting your vagina, and your vagina shouldn’t be hurting when you pee, which may indicate some kind of local inflammation, damage or infection that has caused your vaginal flesh to become sensitive and maybe swollen. The fact that your urinary tract is also involved is concerning, especially after all this time.

Please make an appointment as soon as possible to be examined. Write back to us anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge