Aunt Vadge: Why is my vagina different after being fingered?

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

Okay so my boyfriend fingered me using two fingers for the first time yesterday. But today I feel that the hole of my vagina has become bigger. I am a virgin.

So will it get back to normal?

Will the size of the hole be as it was?

Is there a difference between a vagina that hasn’t been touched before and mine?

If yes, what?

Age 18, USA


Dear Changed,

It is possible that before you were fingered, your hymen was intact, and now, it has been stretched, giving your vagina the appearance and feel of being bigger. This is the only reason why your vagina would be different now, and it is merely lacking the hymenal flesh – your actual vagina is exactly the same as it was yesterday.

Read our article about the hymen, and see if this may have been present. Also, read about vaginal tightness and looseness here to understand how your vagina works.

Your vagina stays the same size, and there is absolutely zero chance of you having changed your actual vagina from being fingered. If it was your hymen, then that would be the only difference between a vagina that hasn’t been touched before and yours, but not always, as you will read in the hymen article. (Hymens can disappear for many reasons, not just sexual activity.)

Welcome to the new version of your vagina!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge