The microbiome of the penis

The penile microbiome is being examined for its role in fertility, infections and interactions with the vaginal microbiome.

Study: L. crispatus probiotic cheese for preventing vaginal infections

Researchers have developed a robust soft cheese made with Lactobacillus crispatus, one of our favourite vaginal colonisers.

Obesity and BV

Obesity is known to be a chronic inflammatory state, with fat tissue being an immunologically active organ. That's right - we said organ!

Study: men carry BV-associated bacteria on and in their penises

Researchers tested the skin of the penis, urethra, head of the penis and urine and semen samples of the male partners of women with BV - men have it too!

Secnidazole (Solosec) for BV

Secnidazole is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial and parasitic infections, including BV. It has about the same rate of cure as metronidazole.

Study: thyme cream for bacterial vaginosis

A thyme-like herb was trialled against standard antibiotic treatment for BV, and has come out slightly under par in a direct comparison.

Study: can calendula cure BV?

When treating BV, a calendula cream was just as effective as antibiotics one week after application, and can be used as an alternative treatment to antibiotics.

Study: does BV cause infertility in women?

A study looked into rates of certain types of female infertility and how that related to BV.

Study: Gardnerella vaginalis – links with male infertility?

Researchers look into the sperm quality of infertile men carrying G. vaginalis.

Evidence for men carrying Gardnerella vaginalis in the urethra

A couple of older studies look at G. vaginalis in the urethras of men.

Smoking and BV

Smoking can cause immunity issues via various mechanisms, meaning smokers may be more prone to infections than non-smokers.

Study: tea tree and coconut vinegar for inhibiting biofilm growth and killing G. vaginalis

A small lab study looked at the ability of tea tree oil and coconut vinegar to inhibit the growth of the biofilms of and kill Gardnerella vaginalis.

Study: BV and the vaginal immune response as it relates to HIV infection

A study looks into vaginal inflammation, BV and the relationship with HIV transmission to see what we could possibly be doing better to protect women.

Study: Glycosulfatase and it’s relationship with BV

An enzyme present in vaginas with BV breaks down the mucous layer so the bacteria can adhere to the vaginal cells.

Study: Boric acid with antibiotics for BV – does it work?

A study looked at the effectiveness of using boric acid suppositories plus an antibiotic for removal of the bacterial biofilm that causes recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

Study: Chitosan polymers tested for BV biofilm destruction capacities

Chitosan was much more effective at disrupting biofilms (in the lab) than polycarbophil gels, and may prove to be a useful treatment in future for biofilm-dependent vaginal infections.

Study: Prevotella bivia grows more in high (less acidic) pH (like BV)

P. bivia is associated with BV and the higher pH found in BV-affected vaginas.

Study: do circumcised penises mean less vaginal infections? (spoiler alert – yes)

Circumcised penises result in less infection issues in female sexual partners.

Study: BV is associated with Mycoplasma genitalium

A study has found a strong association between BV and M. genitalium.

Lover got fishy/off bad vag? You have it too.

Guys, you could be spreading the bacteria that cause fishy-smelling vaginas! Here's the proof, and what to do about it.