Brazilian, French and American bikini waxing styles

Historically, there are three trends in pubic hair waxing designs, and like a McDonald’s burger, you could walk into any beautician and they would know precisely what you were asking for.

Now, a beautician might have a folder full of designs, but it’s important that you understand what will look best with your particular labia, just like you would with your hairstyle and face shape.

The Brazilian

The Brazilian was made famous by Brazilians – a group of seven beautician sisters who moved to Hollywood and made it trendy.

Women in Brazil, however, do not get ‘Brazilians’, in the same way that the French do not get ‘French fries’ (they just get fries).

It’s been common in many cultures, particularly Arab cultures, for women to remove vast swathes of body hair, including pubic hair. Hollywood did not invent this, but it made it popular.

The European

This is the removal of all pubic hair except for a wide, rectangle area on the mons pubis. It may also be referred to as a Hitler moustache, or for those who find that distasteful, the Charlie Chaplin moustache.

The American

The American is the most conservative wax, whereby the whole pubic area at the top of the vulva is covered in hair, but often trimmed short. This style only removes hair that would be visible outside of swimwear – top of the thighs and the navel area.

The American is the original basic bikini wax in a triangle shape and is not designed to be sexy, but to be conservative.

The French Wax

The French wax involves leaving the landing strip – a vertical rectangle at the top of the vulva, with everything else removed.  

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