Understanding and treating keratin pearls

Keratin pearls, tiny irritants formed by keratin and squamous cells, can cause significant clitoral pain.

Study: How doctors differ in screening for female sexual dysfunction

Researchers examined how FSD is addressed and investigated in routine healthcare check-ups in the USA.

Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD)

PSSD is the prolonged loss of sexual function after using SSRI or SRNI antidepressant medications.

Common cancer treatments and how they affect sexuality and fertility

See what your treatment might have in store for you vaginally.

Sexual arousal disorders

We run through briefly what sexual arousal disorder is and how it manifests.

Orgasmic disorder – anorgasmia (Coughlan’s Syndrome)

Orgasmic disorder means an inability to orgasm (anorgasmia), an incomplete or small orgasm, or delayed orgasm.

How to perform cunnilingus on a woman

The basics of the fine art of cunnilingus explained.

Medicines that affect your libido

Some medications will have a negative impact on your sexual appetites, arousal, and ability to orgasm.

Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction includes any disruption to normal sexual function.

Study: Ginkgo biloba for female sexual dysfunction caused by SSRI use

In a study of 63 test subjects suffering from antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction, the women in the group had up to 91 per cent success rate for increasing sexual response after taking ginkgo biloba.