How to get genetic (DNA) testing

The type of genetic test you require to support your treatment plan and vaginal health depends on your symptoms and what your practitioner has requested.

There are many genetic tests for lots of health concerns. For example, if this is a family trend, some tests may look for gene variations related to the BRCA2 gene (increased risk of breast and ovarian cancers).

You may want to know if you have MTHFR mutations or where your biological family is from. A broad genealogy DNA test is more useful in this case.

The right tool for the job

For a specific genetic test for serious health conditions, please see your healthcare provider. While genealogy DNA reports are broadly useful for some things, they do not test for every single gene variation and will not provide you with a full picture of your genetic information as it relates to certain, sometimes very serious, health concerns.

Genealogy genetic tests are not always super accurate and miss out on some very key items since they use markers that help explain where you’re from, not your health. We then use that data, pluck out what we can from the DNA test, and use it to help form pictures of health.

How we use a DNA test for solving vagina problems

It’s complicated! Your My Vagina practitioner has special training to interpret some of your genetic information that can help solve tricky health problems. We’re looking broadly at how your body detoxifies hormones, chemicals, neurotransmitters and other byproducts of metabolism and looking for any genetic roadblocks.

Genetic information from specialised DNA test providers is useful in certain circumstances, but a broad DNA report can be a great source of information. We do not base clinical decisions on DNA tests; we use the information as a tool to support people to better health and a happier vagina.

Using genealogy providers for a broad DNA test – you need the raw data (not your genealogy report!)

For a very broad and cheap DNA test, you can use or MyHeritage. Use a fake name if you don’t want your DNA linked with your name – there is no law against that. These DNA tests are targeted at people who are looking into their ancestry, but the underlying data file is also interesting for health assessment.

The basic DNA test is fine – you do not need any health markers or deluxe packages. Just the basics pack for $50-$150 is about right. Most are $99 with discounts if you buy more than one kit. The kits go on sale often, so shop around.


Make sure whichever provider you choose, you are able to download the DNA test raw data file afterwards – several providers do not offer this service, as their interpretation is what you’re being sold, not the raw data.

Your My Vagina practitioner does not care where you come from or who you’re related to, so please ensure this raw data file is available to you via your provider. It contains the critical raw genetic data that your practitioner can use to run their own report.

Once your DNA test results are through, log in and download your raw data file in the .zip file, and forward this to your practitioner. It contains the .txt file with your genetic results in it.

This DNA test is not every single genetic marker you have, not by any stretch, but it covers some main groups pretty nicely.

How to download your raw data file from

Go to DNA > settings

  1. Navigate to DNA > Settings.
  2. Navigate to Actions > Test Management.
  3. Next to Download DNA Data, choose > Download.
  4. Enter your password, check the box and choose Confirm.
  5. You’ll receive an email with a link to confirm the download (the file is not in this email). The link will return you to
  6. From within the email, choose Download DNA Data. This download link is unique, can only be used once, and expires after one week. If your link has expired, start again from the beginning.
  7. The file will download to your device with the file name being dna-data-(date).zip.
  8. If you are having trouble finding the file, search your device or download it again and be aware of the download folder you are selecting.

How to download your raw data file from

  1. Sign in to 23andMe account.
  2. Go to Raw Data Download page:
  3. Fill out Date of Birth and submit.
  4. Confirm request.
  5. Wait for email notification that file is ready to download (up to 48 hours)
  6. Click link in email.
  7. Download file.

How to download your raw data file from MyHeritage

  1. Note: Raw DNA files can only be downloaded to a computer or an Android device. They cannot be downloaded using an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Hover over the DNA tab and go to ‘Manage DNA kits’.
  3. On the right-hand side of the MyHeritage kit, click on the three dots and choose ‘Download’.
  4. A window will pop up with information on what you are about to download. Click ‘Continue’.
  5.  In the next popup you will be asked to accept the MyHeritage Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, then click ‘Continue’.
  6. An email with instructions will be sent to your registered email address.
  7. Find this email in your mailbox and click on the download link. The link is only valid for 24 hours. If you haven’t used the link within 24 hours, you will need to start the process again from step 1.
  8. Once you have clicked on the download link, you will be redirected to the MyHeritage site. Enter your password and click the ‘Download’ button.
  9. The file will be downloaded to your computer.

Getting help downloading the raw data

If you’re unsure, contact your provider for assistance.

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