Aunt Vadge: podosol for genital warts has given me sores – what can I use?

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I treated some warts in my vagina using podosal, and after seven days, I got some wounds in my vagina and it’s very painful. Which cream can I use to treat this?


Dear Sore,

Podosol (podophyllum) can be very irritating to normal skin when you’re using it to treat genital warts, which is probably why you have damaged your vulvar or vaginal tissue. First, stop using the podosol, and rinse the area very gently and carefully to ensure that no more remains on your skin. Then I would suggest you apply a gentle healing ointment, but not inside your vagina – only on the vulva (outside) – until the wounds can heal on their own.

When you urinate, it can pay to pour a cup of warm water over your vulva as you do this, to avoid the urine burning your wounds. Healing your vulva and vagina will take a few days – it usually heals pretty fast without interference, so just leaving it alone is going to be your best bet for now.

Ointments that work are things like pawpaw, vaseline, even some coconut oil would work fine. Just a small thin layer over any open sores to protect it and keep it moisturised while it heals. This will act as a physical barrier to urine and irritants, while keeping the tissue hydrated and not dry.

Unfortunately at this stage there isn’t much we can recommend for you, because no vulvar-specific products exist (we’re working on one!).

Keep it clean and if you see any signs of infection (hot, red, sore), then you’ll need to seek some antibacterial solution to solve that problem, while using normal wound-care pprocedures.

Let me know if you get stuck.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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