Oxalate-containing foods list (searchable)

Before you start, please read Understanding and doing the low oxalate diet.

To use this searchable table, type in the food or food group (e.g. meat, wine) and see what comes up. If you can’t find a food, try using another name for it, e.g. red wine may be listed under Wine – Red, and check American-British spelling.

We’ve done our best to cover all bets, but there are sure to be exceptions!

Searchable oxalates food list

CategoryFoodOxalate Content
VegetableAcorn SquashVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
GrainsAlfalfa SproutsLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringAllspice/AllspiceUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedAlmondsVery High (15 mg ++)
SupplementAloe Vera JuiceVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
GrainsAmaranthHigh (10-14.9 mg)
FruitApple – Custard AppleUnknown
DrinkApple CiderUnknown
CondimentApple Cider Vinegar (ACV)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkApple JuiceVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitApples – Golden DeliciousLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitApples – Granny SmithLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitApples – JonathanLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitApples – Red DeliciousLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitApricot (fresh or canned)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetableArtichokes (French)Moderate (5.0-9.9 mg)
DairyAsiago cheeseUnknown
VegetableAsparagusLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
SweetenerAspartameVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitAvocadoVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FatAvocado OilUnknown
MeatBaconNegligible (0 mg)
BakingBaker’s YeastModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
BakingBaking PowderVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
BakingBaking Soda/BicarbonateNegligible (0 mg)
VegetableBamboo ShootsUnknown
FruitBananaModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
GrainsBarleyLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringBasilModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringBay LeafUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedBean FlourVaries
Legume, Nut, SeedBean SproutUnknown
MeatBeefNegligible (0 mg)
VegetableBeetVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableBitter GourdUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedBlack BeanVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableBlack RadishUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedBlack-Eyed PeaLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitBlackberryVery High (15 mg ++)
DairyBlue CheeseUnknown
VegetableBok ChoyVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedBrazil NutsUnknown
DairyBrick cheeseUnknown
DairyBrie CheeseUnknown
VegetableBroccoli – BoiledLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableBroccoli – RawModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableBroccoli – SteamedHigh (10-14.9 mg)
VegetableBroccoli Tips – BoiledLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableBrussel Sprouts – BoiledLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableBrussel Sprouts – RawModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableBrussel Sprouts – SteamedHigh (10-14.9 mg)
GrainsBuckwheatVery High (15 mg ++)
GrainsBulgur WheatUnknown
VegetableBurdock RootUnknown
FatButterVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedButter BeansUnknown
DrinkButtermilkVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetableButternut SquashUnknown
VegetableCabbage, Green – BoiledLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableCabbage, Green – RawLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableCabbage, Green – SteamedModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableCabbage, RedUnknown
DairyCamembert CheeseUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedCannellini BeansUnknown
MeatCanned FishUnknown
FruitCanned FruitsVaries
VegetableCanned VegetablesVaries
FatCanola OilLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringCarobVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableCarrots – BoiledModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableCarrots – RawVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableCarrots – SteamedVery High (15 mg ++)
FruitCasaba (Melon)Low (3.0-4.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedCashewsVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableCauliflower – BoiledVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetableCauliflower – RawLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableCauliflower – SteamedLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableCeleriac-CannedModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableCelery-RawVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableChardVery High (15 mg ++)
DairyCheddar CheeseVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitCherry – FreshVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkCherry JuiceLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedChestnut FlourUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedChestnutsVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedChickpeasModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableChicory RootUnknown
VegetableChili Peppers/ChilliHigh (10-14.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringChivesVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
BakingChocolateVery High (15 mg ++)
DrinkChocolate MilkHigh (10-14.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringCilantroVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringCinnamonHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DrinkClub Soda/Soda WaterNegligible (0 mg)
BakingCocoa PowderVery High (15 mg ++)
Legume, Nut, SeedCoconutVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedCoconut FlourUnknown
DrinkCoconut MilkUnknown
FatCoconut OilUnknown
DrinkCoffeeVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkCoffee (Instant)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkColaVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DairyColby CheeseUnknown
VegetableCollard Greens – boiledModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableCollard Greens – RawLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableCollard Greens – SteamedHigh (10-14.9 mg)
GrainsCornLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FatCorn OilUnknown
SweetenerCorn SyrupVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
GrainsCornstarchModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
DairyCottage CheeseUnknown
VegetableCourgette (Zucchini)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkCranberry JuiceVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DairyCream CheeseUnknown
BakingCream of TartarVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetableCucumbersVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringCurcuminUnknown
FruitCurrants – BlackHigh (10-14.9 mg)
FruitCurrants – RedHigh (10-14.9 mg)
VegetableDandelion GreensHigh (10-14.9 mg)
SweetenerDate SugarHigh (10-14.9 mg)
FruitDatesHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DrinkDecaffeinated ProductsVaries
FruitDewberriesHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DairyDry Curd Cottage CheeseUnknown
GrainsDurum FlourVery High (15 mg ++)
SupplementEchinaceaVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DairyEdam cheeseUnknown
VegetableEggplantModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
MeatEggsNegligible (0 mg)
SweetenerEvaporated Cane JuiceVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
GrainsEzekiel BreadUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedFaba BeansUnknown
Herb, Spice, FlavouringFenugreekUnknown
DairyFeta CheeseUnknown
FruitFigs – DriedVery High (15 mg ++)
FruitFigs – FreshVery High (15 mg ++)
Legume, Nut, SeedFilberts (Hazelnuts)Very High (15 mg ++)
MeatFish (Tuna, Salmon, etc)Negligible (0 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedFlax SeedLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
SupplementFlaxseed OilUnknown
GrainsFlour (Wheat)Very High (15 mg ++)
Legume, Nut, SeedGarbanzo BeansModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedGarfava FlourUnknown
BakingGelatin/GelatineVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DairyGheeVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringGingerLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
DairyGjetost CheeseUnknown
FruitGooseberriesHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DairyGorgonzola CheeseUnknown
DairyGouda CheeseUnknown
SweetenerGranulated GlucoseUnknown
DrinkGrape Juice – PurpleUnknown
DrinkGrape Juice – RedModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
DrinkGrape Juice – WhiteLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
DrinkGrapefruit JuiceVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitGrapes-GreenVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitGrapes-RedLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableGreen BeansVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkGreen TeaMedium-High
DairyGruyere CheeseUnknown
BakingGuar GumUnknown
MeatHamNegligible (0 mg)
VegetableHaricot BeansUnknown
DairyHavarti CheeseUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedHazelnuts (Filberts)Very High (15 mg ++)
SweetenerHoneyVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitHoneydewVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
CondimentHorseradish SauceUnknown
MeatHot DogsUnknown
FruitHuckleberriesLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableJaggery (Gur)Unknown
GrainsKamutHigh (10-14.9 mg)
CondimentKetchupVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedKidney BeansHigh (10-14.9 mg)
FruitKiwi fruitVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableKohlrabiVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetableKudzu (or Kuzu)Unknown
FruitKumquatsVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkLactaid MilkLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
DrinkLactose Hydrolyzed Milk/Hydrolysed MilkLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
MeatLambNegligible (0 mg)
FatLecithin (soy)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetableLeekModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
FruitLemon JuiceLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitLemon PeelHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DrinkLemonadeVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitLemonsVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedLentils – boiledModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableLettuceVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedLima BeansModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
DairyLimburger CheeseUnknown
FruitLime JuiceLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitLime PeelHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DrinkLimeade (without added vitamin C)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitLimesModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
FruitLycheesLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedMacadamia NutsVery High (15 mg ++)
FatMacadamia OilUnknown
DairyManchego CheeseUnknown
FruitMandarin OrangesModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
FruitMangosLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
SweetenerMaple SyrupVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
CondimentMayonnaiseLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
MeatMeatsNegligible (0 mg)
MeatMeats (Canned)Unknown
MeatMeats (Processed) (Salami, etc)Unknown
DrinkMilkVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
SupplementMilk Thistle/St Mary’s ThistleVery High (15 mg ++)
GrainsMilletVery High (15 mg ++)
Legume, Nut, SeedMisoUnknown
DairyMonterey Jack CheeseUnknown
DairyMozzarella CheeseUnknown
DairyMuenster CheeseUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedMung Bean SproutsLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedMung BeansModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableMushroomsVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringMustard (Spice)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedNavy BeansVery High (15 mg ++)
DairyNeufchatel CheeseUnknown
DrinkNoni JuiceUnknown
Herb, Spice, FlavouringNutmegVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
GrainsOatsModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableOkraVery High (15 mg ++)
FatOlive OilLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
VegetableOlives, BlackVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableOlives, GreenVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableOnionsLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
DrinkOrange Juice – FreshVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkOrange Juice – FrozenVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitOrange PeelHigh (10-14.9 mg)
FruitOrangesHigh (10-14.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringOreganoHigh (10-14.9 mg)
FruitPapayasModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringPaprikaUnknown
DairyParmesan CheeseLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringParsleyLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitPassion FruitVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedPea FlourUnknown
FruitPeachesVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedPeanut ButterVery High (15 mg ++)
FatPeanut OilUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedPeanutsVery High (15 mg ++)
FruitPears – PeeledLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitPears – UnpeeledModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedPeas – boiledVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedPecansVery High (15 mg ++)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringPepper, Black (spice)High (10-14.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringPepper, White (spice)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringPeppercornHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DrinkPeppermint TeaVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetablePeppers, GreenModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetablePeppers, RedVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitPersimmonsHigh (10-14.9 mg)
VegetablePickles (Dill)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedPine NutsVery High (15 mg ++)
FruitPineappleLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
DrinkPineapple JuiceVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedPinto BeansVery High (15 mg ++)
Legume, Nut, SeedPistachio NutsHigh (10-14.9 mg)
FruitPlumsLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
DrinkPomegranate ConcentrateUnknown
MeatPork (Bacon, Ham, Steaks)Negligible (0 mg)
DairyPort du Salut CheeseUnknown
AlcoholPort WineNegligible (0 mg)
VegetablePotatoes – PeeledVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetablePotatoes – UnpeeledVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetablePotatoes, Red – PeeledModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
MeatPoultry (Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Quail, Pigeon, Goose, Emu, Fowl, Pheasant, Muttonbird)Negligible (0 mg)
DairyPrimost CheeseUnknown
DairyProvolone CheeseUnknown
VegetablePumpkin – CannedVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetablePumpkin – RawNegligible (0 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedPumpkin SeedsModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableRadish – RedNegligible (0 mg)
VegetableRadish – WhiteVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FruitRaisinsLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FruitRaspberry – BlackVery High (15 mg ++)
FruitRaspberry – RedHigh (10-14.9 mg)
VegetableRhubarbVery High (15 mg ++)
GrainsRice – brownModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
GrainsRice – WhiteVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
GrainsRice FlourUnknown
DairyRicotta CheeseUnknown
DairyRomano CheeseUnknown
DairyRoquefort CheeseUnknown
Herb, Spice, FlavouringRosemaryLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
GrainsRyeVery High (15 mg ++)
SweetenerSaccharineVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FatSafflower OilUnknown
Herb, Spice, FlavouringSageLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringSaltUnknown
VegetableSauerkrautModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
AlcoholScotch Whisky/WhiskeyVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedSeed ButtersVaries
Legume, Nut, SeedSeed FlourVaries
FatSesame OilVery High (15 mg ++)
Legume, Nut, SeedSesame SeedsVery High (15 mg ++)
MeatShellfish (Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, Crayfish, Yabbie, Prawn, etc)Negligible (0 mg)
AlcoholSherryNegligible (0 mg)
MeatSmoked MeatsUnknown
GrainsSorghum FlourUnknown
VegetableSorrelHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DairySour CreamUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedSoyVery High (15 mg ++)
FatSoy LecithinVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
CondimentSoy SauceUnknown
DrinkSoybean MilkVery High (15 mg ++)
FatSoybean OilVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedSoybeansVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableSpaghetti SquashUnknown
DrinkSpearmint TeaVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetableSpinach – FreshVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableSpinach – FrozenVery High (15 mg ++)
SupplementSpirulinaVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
SweetenerSplendaVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedSplit Peas – GreenModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedSplit Peas – YellowLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
GrainsSprouted Grain BreadUnknown
FruitStar FruitVery High (15 mg ++)
SweetenerSteviaVery High (15 mg ++)
DairyStilton CheeseUnknown
VegetableString BeansModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
SweetenerSucraloseVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
SweetenerSugarVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
FatSunflower OilUnknown
VegetableSweet PotatoesVery High (15 mg ++)
DairySwiss CheeseLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
CondimentTabasco SauceUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedTahiniVery High (15 mg ++)
GrainsTapioca FlourUnknown
Herb, Spice, FlavouringTarragonVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringThymeLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedTofuModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
Legume, Nut, SeedTofutti CheeseUnknown
DrinkTomato juice (canned)Moderate (5.0-9.9 mg)
VegetableTomato Paste – CannedHigh (10-14.9 mg)
VegetableTomato Purée – CannedHigh (10-14.9 mg)
VegetableTomato Sauce – CannedHigh (10-14.9 mg)
VegetableTomatoes – FreshModerate (5.0-9.9 mg)
SweetenerTurbinado SugarVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringTurmericVery High (15 mg ++)
VegetableTurnip (Swede)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DrinkV8 JuiceHigh (10-14.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringVanillaVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringVanillinVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
BakingVinegarLow (3.0-4.9 mg)
FatWalnut oilUnknown
Legume, Nut, SeedWalnutsVery High (15 mg ++)
Herb, Spice, FlavouringWasabiUnknown
VegetableWater ChestnutsVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
VegetableWatercressNegligible (0 mg)
FruitWatermelonVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
GrainsWheatVery High (15 mg ++)
GrainsWheat GermUnknown
AlcoholWine (Red, White, Dessert)Varies
BakingXanthan GumUnknown
VegetableYellow DockHigh (10-14.9 mg)
DairyYogurt (Commercial)Very Low (0.1-2.9 mg)
DairyYogurt (Homemade)Unknown
VegetableYucca RootUnknown
VegetableZucchiniVery Low (0.1-2.9 mg)

Getting the low-oxalate diet right

The low-oxalate diet aims for no more than 50mg daily from all foods. Unfortunately, there are many variables as to the number of oxalates in a certain food, and it can depend on how it is prepared, grown and processed.

It’s very important to start only eliminating the very high oxalate foods first for a week or two, and then work you way down to high, medium and then low, on a week-by-week and symptom-based basis.

You can end up feeling awful if you end up with what’s called ‘oxalate dumping’. Go slow!

Tips on going low oxalate

  • Keep track of grams of oxalates you’re eating
  • Get help with the diet if you’re struggling or not getting results
  • Keep fluid levels up, stay hydrated
  • Eat less than 80 grams of protein per day
  • Maintain a low-salt diet, less than 2 grams per day
  • Read up on the low-oxalate diet and what to expect

Jessica Lloyd - Vulvovaginal Specialist Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

Jessica is a degree-qualified naturopath (BHSc) specialising in vulvovaginal health and disease, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Jessica is the owner and lead naturopath of My Vagina, and is a member of the:

  • International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD)
  • International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH)
  • National Vulvodynia Association (NVA) Australia
  • New Zealand Vulvovaginal Society (ANZVS)
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)