Aunt Vadge: a new tampon brand may not agree with my vagina

Hi Aunt Vadge,

So I’m 21 and have been using tampons since I was 14 and have never had a problem. Well I recently tried a new brand, and at the end of my period I noticed sort of the inside was hurting, so I took a peek – it looks like a little tear/hole.

It’s been hurting for about three days now, and I can feel the irritation when I walk.

Should I see a doctor or will it heal? Could I be allergic?

Country: United States


Hi there Torn,

It sounds like you have reacted to your tampons, and you could be allergic or just sensitive. Change back to your regular brand (or try an organic brand in future) and see if the same thing happens. I suspect you will be fine though – your vagina just didn’t like your new brand.

If your cut doesn’t heal or there are further issues, see your doctor to be examined.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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