Aunt Vadge: bleeding, painful sex tear – do I go to the ED?

Dear Aunt Vadge,

Six days ago I was engaging in sex, when a sudden pain hit and we immediately stopped engaging in penis/vagina sex. Within the next few hours I noticed stinging and burning upon urination and dark red and bright red blood coming from my vagina.

I tried getting an appointment at my OBGYN and they wouldn’t see me. I went to an urgent care who said I had a 2cm fissure but was unsure how deep it was but it may require stitches. He said it was located partially on the outside of the vagina and goes inside the vagina as well. The fissure is closer to my perineum.

Tried to be seen by my OBGYN again they couldn’t see me. The bleeding is remaining the same but the pain is terrible. Do I need to be seen in the ED for possible stitches or just wait and see if it heals on its own?


Dear Torn,

That sounds terrible.

I’m unsure why a clinic wouldn’t have done stitches if they were necessary, but extreme pain and bleeding needs prompt medical attention so I would go to the ED and ask for immediate help there. They have their own OBGYNs around. Don’t wait.

Also try to figure out how and why this happened because normal penis-in-vagina sex shouldn’t cause massive tearing. If you know why it happened (positioning, accidental slip), good, but it’s important to investigate. Write again if you need help!

Minor cuts and tears can be encouraged to heal well with a moisturising vulva and vagina-friendly cuts cream.

Good luck.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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