Aunt Vadge: semen of different ethnicities and using metro gel as part of the BV treatment

Hiya – bought Killing BV because things are itchy and painful.  🙂 I’m wondering – I get BV when I have sex with some new partners – but not others. 

Is there any research suggesting when you sleep with someone from a different ethnicity, that bacterial flora doesn’t match? I have BV only when I sleep with men of Latin descent – I’m Caucasian. 

Also – is there value to completing a cycle of vaginal metrogel before starting the routine? At the moment – I’m two days into alternating kefir and tea tree oil suppositories with VH Essentials BV Treatment. 

Any thoughts about this? 

My question about the metrogel is my most urgent question… I’m hoping to go away on a 2-day vacation with a very attractive man on the 26th…Happiest of Holidays. 

Thanks for creating your e-book.

Tough Sell


Dear Tough Sell,

To answer your questions one by one…

Latin men’s semen vs. non-Latin men’s semen

There is nothing to suggest that the makeup of semen differs in ways that could impact BV symptoms (i.e. by pH or constituents) by ethnic background.

What seems the most obvious to me – you’ll need to check – is whether or not these men are circumcised. Foreskins are a well of bacteria, and men may have biofilms too, even without a foreskin.

You can send your guys here for our Killing BV: Guide for Men. It’s a guide just for guys on how to bust the biofilms that are living on their penises, which they are spreading around from vagina to vagina.      

Antibiotic gel as an addition to the treatment program

It is hard to know how much antibiotic gel contributes to positive outcomes, so let’s just talk it through. The point of the treatment is to get the vagina back to a healthy state of normal, in which case antibiotic gel would go against this because it kills the lactobacilli that make the vagina normal and balanced.

However, antibiotic gel is very useful because it is quite effective at killing off many pathogens (planktonic varieties), and is known to put a few holes in the biofilm when used in sufficient doses for sufficient periods of time. The classic BV antibiotics also spare lactobacilli.

Antibiotic gel could have some really useful qualities when used in conjunction with the other ingredients of the treatment program (in whatever concoction you have devised).

VH Essentials BV Treatment

This is a homeopathic remedy with no research behind it, with the active ingredient appearing to be vitamin C (as an acidic component to change the pH).

The main business of the parent company (Wisconsin Pharmacal Company) seems to be making insect repellent. They use over-the-counter ingredients in their ‘vagina cures’ which don’t have to be approved by the FDA. They provide zero scientific information on their products.

Their ‘odour-blocking technology’ for the outer labia is antiseptic cream mixed with a topical anaesthetic to get rid of itching (remind you of anything? Perhaps bug bite cream!).

If you are going to use homeopathy, it is advisable to see a qualified, experienced homeopath.

How to manage your sexy holiday

You can use six per cent hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the smell and discharge only, for days at a time even if you avoid getting semen in your vagina (or washing it out straight away).

You may need to buy 9, 12 or 35 per cent food grade/pharmaceutical grade and dilute it. Trying to clear up BV before having a sex fest is not going to work in your favour, so get a few bottles of H202 and a good douche, hide it in your luggage, and do it as needed before you go and while you’re away.

Write again if you have any more questions.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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