How to dilute 9, 12 or 35 per cent food-grade hydrogen peroxide to 6 per cent

Dilution of hydrogen peroxide for bacterial vaginosis

If you are using hydrogen peroxide for vaginal use, it’s typically most effective to use a six per cent mixture, however you may have purchased a different concentration. Here’s how to dilute your mixture properly.

How to dilute 35 per cent food grade hydrogen peroxide to a 6 per cent mixture

  • 1 part 35 per cent hydrogen peroxide
  • 4.83 parts water

This could look like 100ml hydrogen peroxide to 480ml water, or 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to 4.8 cups of water – figure out how much you need and work off that.

How to dilute a 12 per cent hydrogen peroxide solution to 6 per cent

  • One part 12 per cent
  • One part water

How to dilute a 9 per cent hydrogen peroxide solution to 6 per cent

  • One part 9 per cent
  • 1/2 part water

Only store liquid hydrogen peroxide in dark glass jars or bottles, tightly sealed, in the freezer. It won’t freeze, but it stops it from evaporating (yes, even through a tight lid) over time. How to use hydrogen peroxide as a douche

Mathematics of mixing hydrogen peroxide with water to use vaginally (if you are into that sort of thing):

Formula: C1V1 = C2V2 V1 = Volume of hydrogen peroxide solution needed to make the new solution C1 = Concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution V2 = Final volume of new solution C2 = Final concentration of new solution Example: Make 1 L (1000mL) of a 6% solution from a 35% Hydrogen peroxide solution. Plug values in: V1 x (0.35) = (1 L) x (0.06) Rearrange: V1 = [(1 L) x (0.06)] / (0.35) V1 = 171 mL Answer: Place 171 mL of the 35% Hydrogen peroxide solution into V1-V2 = 1000 mL – 171 mL = 829 mL of water

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