Aunt Vadge: I tore my clitoral hood by mistake

Dear Aunt Vadge,

I am 13 and in 8th grade. Today I was taking a shower and when I got out I realized I didn’t clean discharge off my vagina, so I got my finger and took it out.

Some was in the middle of my clitoris so I got the corner of my nail and tried to get it out, but as I was doing that I was kinda stretching out my vagina and all of a sudden I feel this sharp pain.

I looked down and the right side of my clitoris hood was bleeding a little.

Later that day, I was watching a movie and it started feeling a little better, so I went into my bathroom to look at it in the mirror, once I opened my legs to look at it I felt the same sharp pain, I looked at it and it got bigger.

It was a little less than a centimeter, and it hurts a lot.

Should I be worried? Should I tell my mom or stepmom?? What do I do?

Hurt Clitoris


Dear Hurt Clitoris,

You have created a cut or tear (also known as a vaginal or vulvar fissure) on your clitoral hood, likely because you ripped one of the corners/joins of the edges of the hood. This sort of tear is common because these joins are delicate.

A vaginal tear usually heals quite quickly, so you don’t need to worry. Look at our vaginal fissures page for more information on how to heal your vulva and vagina faster.

If you do not have any loose flesh, and the cut isn’t bleeding, you’ll be fine. Just put a little pawpaw, coconut oil or Aunt Vadge’s Cuts Cream on the cut, so it heals quickly.

If you’re worried, then you should talk to someone you trust and ask their advice. The main thing is to make sure your tear doesn’t get infected, and that you have not really hurt yourself.

If the cut starts to feel hot, bleeds, or in any way seems like it’s not healing, then get help.

Aunt Vadge

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