Aunt Vadge: antibiotics for BV made everything worse and gave me a UTI

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Hi Aunty Vadge,

I experienced my first BV issue a year ago; I had no symptoms, I was worried about, but it showed in the lab work I had. I was Rx’d the pill form of Metronidazole.

I never felt like things were right since, as the discharge was sometimes sticky, just not normal. No other symptoms such as odor or itching, just know my body, and it didn’t seem right.

I’ve used boric acid off/on since, but this last time I had a round of Clindamycin. That led to a UTI and now the BV presents in full force with the odor!

I had waayy too many antibiotics throughout my life from Lyme disease to sinus infections – I want real help to treat the underlying issue! I pray I’ve come to the right place. ❤

Age 45, USA


Dear Robyn,

It’s like you’ve been playing Whack-a-Mole with your health issues, and just as one pops down, another one pops up to say “hello”! You’ve got quite the history with antibiotics, and I can hear in your words that it’s been a bit of a tough slog. Sending you the biggest, warmest hug and a high-five for your strength and perseverance!

Okay, let’s break it down: bacterial vaginosis (BV) sneaks in when the balance in your vagina gets thrown off-kilter. That Metronidazole you took is like the bouncer that kicks out the troublemakers, but it can also boot out some of the good folks who keep the peace in Vaginatown. Then comes the boric acid, like that trusty janitor, helping to clean up the mess by keeping things level pH-wise.

But boy oh boy, Clindamycin waltzed in and stirred things up again, rolling out the red carpet for a UTI, and now the BV is back with a vengeance, and it’s brought its smelly friend along. Enough is enough, right?

Now, Robyn, antibiotics have their place but relying on them too much can set you up for a loop of issues, as you’ve already experienced. Lyme disease to sinus infections—and now this—it’s a lot for one person to handle!

Here’s the game plan: It’s time for a deep dive into what’s happening in your fabulous body. This means booking with one of My Vagina’s specialist practitioners, who will look beyond just slapping another bandaid on and will search for the why behind all this kerfuffle.

My dear, you’ve absolutely come to the right place to start getting some real help. I’d urge you, hat in hand, to book an appointment with us to get to the root of the issue.

And remember, knowing your body as you do, you’re your own best advocate. Keep that knowledge close to your heart as you seek out the right support.

Here’s to finding the balance your body is craving and to feeling like yourself again.

All my love,
Aunt Vadge 💐✨

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