Aunt Vadge: I had ureaplasma and E. coli – which treatment do I use first?

A lady holds up two dropper bottles - which one should she choose first? Ask Aunt Vadge!

Dear Aunt Vadge,

I was diagnosed with Ureaplasma and E. Coli ESBL (Multi resistant) through vaginal swab back in October 2024.

The infection came all of a sudden without having any sexual interaction. I had UTI symptoms and was treated with Doxycycline for 10 days.

Although I’m now testing negative for Ureaplasma, I still have remaining symptoms. However, they might also be caused by the co/infection with E. Coli in my uterus.

I have a lot of pelvic discomfort, and recently even changes in my menstrual cycle. I came across your website and ordered two products: the Ureaplasma and AV Blend.

Last week I’ve tested negative for Ureaplasma for the second time, but I can’t get rid of the E. Coli ESBL. I was prescribed Bactrim, but I want to avoid taking another antibiotic therefore I’m hoping that your products will be my cure.

My questions are:

  1. Can I still use Aunt Vadge’s Ureaplasma Herbal Blend despite testing negative?
  2. If yes, which blend shall I use first, Aunt Vadge’s AV Herbal Blend or the Ureaplasma blend?
  3. Does the AV blend also work for multi resistant E. coli?

I appreciate your support and time to answer my message. Thank you for the amazing website! You’re the best!

Age 40, Munich, Germany


Dear Soph,

It sounds like you’ve been through quite a bit with your recent diagnosis and treatment. I’m glad to hear that the Ureaplasma has cleared up; that’s certainly one hurdle overcome.

  1. Regarding Aunt Vadge’s Ureaplasma Herbal Blend, since you are now testing negative for Ureaplasma, you might not need to use a product specifically targeting that condition.

    However, if there’s a chance your symptoms could be related to a lingering imbalance, it wouldn’t necessarily be harmful to use the blend as it may help to support a healthy vaginal microbiome. Just ensure that the ingredients do not interfere with any other treatments you might be undergoing.
  2. As for which blend to use first, use Aunt Vadge’s AV Herbal Blend first, since the lactulose in Aunt Vadge’s Ureaplasma Herbal Blend could feed some AV and UTI bacteria – check the list of bacteria that love lactulose.

    Since both blends are designed to support vaginal health from different angles, if you’re still experiencing general symptoms of an imbalance (such as discomfort or changes in your menstrual cycle), try the ureaplasma blend also, or mix the two together. They both contain a range of extremely helpful ingredients for supporting healthy vaginal flora, and one might agree with you better than the other.

    It’s always wise to consider the ingredients and their effects and perhaps consult with a My Vagina vulvovaginal specialist naturopath to get personalised advice based on your situation.
  3. When it comes to multi-resistant E. coli, Aunt Vadge’s AV Herbal Blend may offer the best support at first.

    But it’s important to be aware that the blend can’t reach bacteria present in your uterus, so a greater systematic treatment (such as Aunt Vadge’s Oral UTI Herbal Blend or herbal medicine prescribed by a My Vagina practitioner) or a specific antibiotic treatment from your doctor may be appropriate.

    It’s important that if you suspect an endometrial (uterine) infection, to ask your doctor for an endometrial microbiome test to be certain.

    My Vagina treatments are non-resistance forming and thus it makes no difference if a bacteria is resistant to certain antibiotics – Aunt Vadge’s treatments never contain antibiotics, they are all-natural.

Considering you wish to avoid further antibiotics, it’s essential to continue working with your healthcare provider to monitor the infection and your symptoms.

Also, you mentioned pelvic discomfort and changes in your menstrual cycle which could be signs of other issues, perhaps hormonal imbalances or a different type of infection.

Remember to check back with your healthcare provider for follow-ups on the E. coli infection, and if you have any further questions or need personalised holistic support, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with a My Vagina vulvovaginal specialist naturopath.

And thank you for your kind words about the website, much appreciated!

Warm regards,
Aunt Vadge

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