Aunt Vadge: I have so much discharge all the time

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Hello Aunt Vadge,

I wanted to ask what product I need for excessive discharge. I’ve have tried everything and nothing works. Not even rx antibiotics. I must wear a pad daily because if not I will be soaked.

Odor not so much, itchy on occasion. Please help me. I don’t feel feminine any longer and feel less than lady.

I already ordered Aunt Vadge’s AV herbal Blend suppository.

Is that all I need?

Money is tight but I had to try something new. This is getting expensive with pads all month long and with my cycle.

Kindest Regards,
Age 53, USA


Hello A,

I’m truly sorry to hear about the trouble you’re experiencing with excessive discharge. It sounds quite distressing, but I appreciate your courage in seeking assistance and trying new solutions.

The excessive discharge could be due to a variety of factors, such as hormonal imbalances (you’re well into perimenopause at age 53), an infection, cervical ectropion, or a disruption to your vaginal microbiota​1–5​. Using Aunt Vadge’s AV Herbal Blend is a good step, as it is designed to support and restore the normal balance of the vaginal environment. Try this first and see how you go.

But, in perimenopause, it’s not usually my first choice. Typically in perimenopause, depending what stage you’re at, using Aunt Vadge’s Fennelope and Aunt Vadge’s Lactulose and Probiotic Kit or Aunt Vadge’s Double Whammy may provide the best results.

It can be useful to get a comprehensive vaginal microbiome test or even just a culture from the doctor to see what your vaginal microbiota is doing, which can guide further treatment. If you aren’t getting results, I suggest you book in with our perimenopause expert vulvovaginal specialist naturopath, Simone Jeffries, for a quick appointment – she’ll be able to guide you. She’s brilliant.

If your periods are very light, use the Fennelope for two weeks, one per night, then follow up with the lactulose and probiotic. If your periods are heavy and long, skip the Fennelope for now, and try just the lactulose and probiotic once a week or once a fortnight (or as needed to relieve symptoms). If your vagina and vulva feel dry or uncomfortable, add the Fennelope no matter what your periods are doing.

However, if antibiotics haven’t been effective and you are experiencing this ongoing issue, it might indicate that there is a more complex issue at play. I recommend going to your doctor for a culture, to check for microbial imbalances, and also a pelvic examination to ensure your cervix and other tissue looks healthy.

Since money is tight and I understand the continued expenses are a burden, I’d like to suggest some strategic steps:

  1. Keep a symptom diary: Note down when the discharge is worse (e.g., after exercise, in the morning, at night), what it looks like (colour, consistency), and any other symptoms you experience (like itching or digestive upset). This can help identify patterns and triggers.
  2. Consider adding prebiotics and probiotics to your diet: Sometimes dietary changes can impact vaginal health. A diet rich in prebiotics and probiotics might help rebalance the microbiota. Foods such as garlic, natural yoghurt, and fermented foods can be beneficial, and are also pretty cheap.
  3. Consider adding more phytoestrogens to your diet: Check our information and phytoestrogen-containing foods list, and add several of these per day to increase your overall oestrogen levels, which may help with vaginal symptoms.
  4. Consider investing in washable period underwear, which can soak up the excess discharge, keeping odours and wetness away, while reducing the need to buy pads and panty liners.

It’s also important to continue following up with your GP or gynaecologist, particularly if the discharge changes, becomes odorous, or if you develop other new symptoms.

Please remember, your femininity and worth are not diminished by this health issue, and it’s something many people experience. You’re taking proactive steps to address it, and that’s commendable.

You are always welcome to reach out if you need further support or guidance on using Aunt Vadge’s blends or have any additional concerns.

Take care and be kind to yourself,
Aunt Vadge


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