Aunt Vadge: his precum touched me – could I be pregnant?

Hi there Aunt Vadge, 

My boyfriend rubbed my private parts near the  opening. He didn’t penetrate me. He most probably released his precum while doing it. It was during my ovulation period I think.

My period is irregular, so I’m kinda lost. Anyway, I got dressed after, then while sitting beside him. He ejaculated. No semen in me at all, but I’m worried about his precum.

His last ejaculation was days ago, and he peed many times before we did it.


Dear Concerned,

There are a lot of misconceptions about precum out there. First, research has found that only some men have fertile precum, and some do not. This remains true for the lifetime of the man.

That’s why some people can happily use the withdrawal method for their whole married lives with no babies, and others try it once and get pregnant immediately. We’ve written more about precum here. You can’t tell if your boyfriend’s precum is fertile or not.

Him having peed many times in between his last ejaculation and this one is useful information, since it’s true that if he had just ejaculated, and then precum came out, his precum would likely contain some sperm from his previous ejaculation. Good thinking.

It’s also awesome that you know when you ovulate – good work! It’s such a handy thing to know about. It might be a good idea to consider birth control options – the last thing you need is to get yourself pregnant when you don’t want to!

Unfortunately there is no magic way to know if the precum that touched your vagina was live, and has gotten you pregnant. It’s probably safe to say you are not pregnant, but sometimes that little one sperm can get in there and it’s all over.

You will only know in a couple of weeks when you do a test, or get your period. If you have ovulated, then there is typically no more than 12-16 days until you get your period, so you only have that long to wait.

If you are worried about being pregnant and it’s just happened, you can also try getting the morning after emergency contraceptive pills. These pills work to stop you ovulating (in case you haven’t already) for up to 72 hours. It’s worth a try, if you can get your hands on some.

We’ve got a morning-after pill cheat sheet here for using regular contraceptive pills as the morning-after pills, and how many you should use from someone else’s pills.

Some countries have these pills over the counter at the pharmacy. In future, having some combined oral contraceptive pills stashed is a VERY handy thing to have, for you and your friends to use as needed. Keep the cheat sheet handy, so you always know how many to take.

Write anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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