Cervical cancer

We take a closer look at cervical cancer, the reasons why it may crop up (HPV), and what we treat cervical cancer with. There are varying degrees of cervical cancer, which are each treated differently, like all cancers.

Chemotherapy and your vagina, ovaries, uterus and cervix

Chemotherapy in your pelvis can have a few unexpected or uncomfortable impacts on your vagina, urinary tract, and hormones.

HPV vaccine – Gardasil and Cervarix – for men and women

The Gardasil vaccine is used in boys and girls up to age 26 to protect against various HPV strains.

Pelvic radiation therapy

Having radiation therapy on your pelvis can cause some unwelcome problems that can linger, like a dry, thickened vaginal wall, lack of moisture, and lack of flexibility.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)

HPV is a virus that can - but doesn't always - cause changes to the cells on the cervix, which can lead to cervical cancer. Screening is in place, with improvements to testing the blood of males and females with HPV in the future for detection and prevention of HPV-related