Vagina and penis are not dirty words: teaching kids about their bodies

Conservative approaches to naming body parts - including genitals - are having a negative impact on our kids.

How to react when you think your daughter may be questioning her sexuality

A guide for parents on how to kindly and lovingly support a child going through the perfectly normal step of questioning their sexuality.

Gynaecology in children and babies

We briefly overview the vulva and vagina from a developmental perspective - what to expect.

Vulvovaginitis and vaginal discharge in children

Vulvovaginitis and vaginal discharge in girls, and what to do about it.

How to clean a child’s vulva and vagina

Instructions for cleaning a young child's vulva for newbies.

Anatomy of a girl’s vulva and vagina

Anatomical explanation of a girl's vagina.

Treating a child’s minor urinary tract infection at home

The proximity of the urethra to the anus makes it ripe for infection. Learn how to fix it.

Clues to help determine the cause of vulvar and vaginal problems affecting girls

Young girls can't always tell you what's wrong, so get the run-down on the most common problems so you can treat it quick.

How children’s vaginas differ from adult women’s

Children's vaginas are different to women's, and this needs to be taken into account when treating them. Find out what the differences are and how to adapt.

STIs in children

Statistics show that about 10% of sexually abused children have an STI.

Children’s yeast infections

Young girls rarely get vaginal yeast infections, but if they do, we have a couple of solutions for you to get rid of it and treat the cause.

Children’s UTIs

Treatment of a UTI in a young girl is going to depend on how bad the infection is.

Vaginal abrasions and fissures in children

How to deal with a vaginal fissure in a child.