How to get hormone and blood testing

Learn how to get hormone testing on the right day for the most useful results, and what to do with the results.

Understanding light or irregular periods (oligomenorrhoea)

Irregular periods are a cause for pause, as they indicate that a healthy menstrual cycle is not occurring when it should be.

Is my period pain normal?

Period pain can be severe, but is this normal? We discuss what's normal and what's not.

What to do if you have unprotected sex and may be or are pregnant

We run through your basic options for what to do if you think you might be pregnant.

Pregnancy and histamine

Histamine seems to play a big role during pregnancy, with a concomitant increase in DAO enzyme to degrade it.

The smell of blood – why your period smells metallic

Ever wondered why blood smells metallic? We've found out for you! Plus some interesting science tidbits about humans and the smell of blood.

Understanding methylation, MTHFR and homocysteine

Methylation can be impaired if you've tested positive for the MTHFR gene, resulting in high homocysteine levels.

SSRI antidepressants and pregnancy – is it safe?

We review the evidence regarding SSRI use during pregnancy, and whether it increases the risks of malformations in your baby.

Gestational diabetes – what you should know

We run you through type II diabetes during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can cause some serious problems for mother and baby, requiring monitoring.

How fertile is precum?

The pull-out method has been used successfully for all of humankind, but why does it work for some people and not for others? We explain.

What happens to your vagina when you give birth

Here we outline all the things that may affect your vagina and vulva when you give birth vaginally, from contractions to the effect on vaginal tissue.


Having a solid grasp on what fertility is means you can figure out what your options are for preventing pregnancy and also for trying to get pregnant if you want to.

Adrenal fatigue and how it affects your vagina

Adrenal fatigue can affect the levels of hormones you need to keep your vaginal tissues happy, resulting in itch and vaginal discharge.

Porphyromonas gingivalis vulvovaginal infections

P. gingivalis is a pathogenic bacteria frequently involved in gum disease, however it has been found in women with BV and women who are having trouble conceiving.

What to expect from your period

We go over what you should expect from your first ever periods and talk over how to manage them, including what products to buy, how to predict your periods, and what cramps mean.

What your period blood colour and consistency means

Wondering what clots in your period mean? Why period might be brown sometimes? What bleeding between periods could indicate? We explain the different colours, consistencies and (ir)regularities of your period.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome can appear soon after assisted reproduction techniques to stimulate ovulation. In this case, it overstimulates the ovary to the point where it requires medical oversight to avoid potentially dangerous outcomes.

How nature figures out when we get our periods

We look over a study that figured out that girls with older sisters got their periods later than girls without.

Perineal tears

Perineal tearing is usually from childbirth, where the impact of the baby coming out of the birth canal tears the posterior fourchette and perineum. These types of tears are on the rise, but it's unclear why.

Study: does BV cause infertility in women?

A study looked into rates of certain types of female infertility and how that related to BV.