Feeling your cervix for signs of ovulation

You can feel where you're at in your cycle by feeling your cervix - is it high, soft and wet? Maybe you're ovulating. If it's low and hard, you may be about to get your period.

How to feel your own cervix

Learn how to touch your own cervix, and use it to figure out what's happening in your menstrual cycle - you can tell when you are ovulating, when you are close to your period, and solve other mysteries!

When to worry about your cervix

What is your gynaecologist really looking for when they look at your cervix?

Everything you need to know about pap tests and pap smears

Pap tests (also called Pap smears) are done periodically to check the cervix for abnormal changes that could lead to cervical cancer.

A normal cervix and how to care for it

Your cervix is the gatekeeper to the uterus, blocking and allowing entry as required, and changing across your menstrual cycle.