Drinking alcohol and taking antibiotics – what’s the deal?

Understanding why some antibiotics may interact badly when you drink with them.

Understanding antibiotics

Here we go through the main groups of antibiotics and how they work. Different antibiotics work in different ways, and when treating vulvovaginal or pelvic infections, it's important to understand resistances and proper use.

Tetracyclines for non-antibiotic uses

Find out what actions tetracyclines have outside of their antibiotic properties.

Study: antibiotics can be a dud for BV

Metronidazole is not effective at killing bacterial vaginosis, because it does not remove the biofilm left by Gardnerella vaginalis.

Study: 5-day BV antibiotic treatment flop

Swidsinski strikes again in another study to help eradicate BV from the lives of women forever. What a dude.

Why antibiotics don’t always work on BV

The usual treatment for BV is antibiotics, but they may not remove the bacterial biofilms.