Study: antibiotics can be a dud for BV

The World Health Organisation (WHO) standard prescription for bacterial vaginosis (BV) is delivered to women across the globe on a daily basis. A group of researchers decided to test its effectiveness.

Out of 482 women aged 14-51 that visited a specific sexual health clinic over the course of a year, 74 were found to have BV (15 per cent).

Out of those 74, 11 still had BV after being twice treated with antibiotics.  About half the women received a follow-up examination, and out of those, 39 per cent still had BV after treatment, leaving a big question mark over the other half of the women who never came back.

The study – Effectiveness of current therapy of bacterial vaginosis​1​

Treatment 1

The first treatment was 2g of oral Metronidazole in a single dose. So, pop the pill and off you go.

Treatment 2

Treatment 2 consisted of 500mg of Metronidazole twice daily by mouth for a week, or alternatively, Clindamycin twice daily at a dose of 200mg for a week.

The conclusion

The researchers concluded that standard treatments for BV are not always effective, with no significant difference noticed in the different age groups.


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    Andreeva PΜ, Omar HΑ. Effectiveness of current therapy of bacterial vaginosis. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health. Published online April 2002. doi:10.1515/ijamh.2002.14.2.145

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