Study: 5-day BV antibiotic treatment flop

Antibiotic flop

Studies have repeatedly shown that antibiotics do not work for all women all the time when treating bacterial vaginosis because they cannot eliminate the bacterial biofilm. (We know how to do this – see our book Killing BV.)

One such study was conducted by Swidsinski, a BV pioneer (you have a lot to thank him for), to see if antibiotic moxifloxacin would work to get rid of the bacterial biofilm created by Gardnerella vaginalis. No such luck for everyone unfortunately, however for some women it did work. Twenty women with diagnosed BV were treated with 400mg moxifloxacin for five days.

The results were:

  • 15 women showed a significant clinical response to the moxifloxacin according to the Amsel criteria and Nugent score
  • Concentrations of adhesive bacteria reduced significantly
  • The incidence and proportion of Atopobium vaginae dropped significantly
  • The numbers of Lactobacillus in the biofilm mass increased, when at first, G. vaginalis was the main component of the polymicrobial biofilm. This was not the case after treatment.
  • After treatment, G. vaginalis was not accessible in 75 per cent of women
  • After 10-12 weeks the G. vaginalis biofilm was present in 40 per cent of the women
  • This has produced results similar to metronidazole so far as effectiveness goes

Study: Alexander Swidsinski et al, Response of Gardnerella vaginalis biofilm to 5 days of moxifloxacin treatment, 2011


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