Our vulvovaginal specialist naturopaths are uniquely positioned to help with the sometimes very complex area of vulvovaginal health. 

Get warm, personal, in-depth support from a qualified, experienced holistic naturopath in the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world. Welcome to a different perspective on tricky health problems.

What is a holistic naturopath?

In Australia, a holistic naturopath is a highly trained health practitioner operating under the responsibilities and obligations of an Australian natural medicine association.

We are not medical doctors and do not diagnose diseases or prescribe medication – that’s where the ‘holistic’ part comes in We do things differently. 

How holistic naturopaths practice

A naturopath makes their assessment of a case using a vast array of tools with the goal of finding the root cause of health problems and then working together with the client over time using a variety of treatment strategies. 

A naturopath doesn’t just work with illness; a naturopath can also help you optimise your choices for a healthy body and mind.

We work with you as an individual using a unique toolkit to support health and healing. We practice differently to any other type of practitioner, but with cross-over of some disciplines, for example, functional medical doctors, herbalists, nutritionists and other areas your naturopath may be specially trained in.

Some naturopaths are part of two disciplines, for example, a chiropractor or physiotherapist, or a medical doctor, bringing you the best of both worlds. Every naturopath has unique strengths and special areas of interest and knowledge. 

My Vagina’s naturopaths have chosen the female urogenital tract as their focal point, but don’t be fooled by the specialisation in vaginas: the whole body is a support system for a vagina and when you see one of our practitioners, we’re also looking for the causes of your problems outside the vagina or urinary tract. 

We work with hormones, digestion, immunity, circulation, kidneys, liver, heart, bones, brain, penises, testicles and all the large and small issues of your body that might make life uncomfortable. 

A holistic naturopath aims to restore balance. Working out what’s going wrong might take some detective work, time and effort, but we will work with you until you get sick of us or the problem is solved. 

To get results, your naturopath may use:

  • A nurturing, supportive relationship
  • Herbal medicine
  • Nutritional and diet modifications
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Blood tests (hormones, nutrients, heavy metals)
  • Microbiome tests (vagina, urine, semen, stool)
  • Organic acids tests (OATs, OMX, DUTCH)
  • DNA tests

Our naturopaths look at you as a single functioning organism, where each part of you can and does impact other areas of you, sometimes in ways that don’t immediately make sense. 

The integrative approach

Where important, we foster solid relationships with your other health practitioners, including your doctor, so you get the best care possible from your healthcare team.

Integrative, personalised medicine is the way of the future and we’re part of the revolution. 

What is expected of you

When you book with one of our naturopaths, you are entering into a relationship with your practitioner that can sometimes go on for many months, years or even a lifetime. We truly value our relationship with our patients, and take it very seriously. 

When you dive into treatment with your practitioner, you follow their recommendations and make regular follow-up appointments to keep treatment on track. While this isn’t always possible, keeping up treatment momentum is really important – if something isn’t working, it wasn’t a bad treatment; it didn’t go well with your body and biology, which is an important clue for your practitioner. 

We aren’t like doctors: you don’t just book in for one treatment and get a pill and never see us again. Well, sometimes that happens, but it’s not the norm. You can expect comprehensive healthcare, and are expected to participate to get results. 

How many appointments will I need?

There is no set amount of appointments for any particular issue. You work with your practitioner as long as you need or want to. At My Vagina, we tend to give it a maximum of a year, and if we haven’t made any inroads, or not enough movement, then your practitioner isn’t right for your issues. 

We may switch you to another My Vagina practitioner or refer you on. 

Can I switch My Vagina practitioners? 

In some cases, your practitioner may recommend switching to another My Vagina practitioner to get their unique perspective. In that time, we’ll do our very best to help you using all the tools at our disposal. 

How much will treatments cost? 

Treatments have a variable cost, which you should factor into your budget. Treatments often have to be made and shipped from our dispensary in Australia, so extra time may need to be factored in. 

Our treatments are of very high quality and as per our Australian regulations, we must prescribe using Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved products and herbal medicines. 

Treatments may need to be repeated over several months, but speak to your practitioner about cost expectations. 

Getting to your online consultation

Using Google Meet

We use Google Meet for consultations.

You do NOT have to have a Google account to attend your consultation. Simply click the link in your confirmation email and follow the instructions. 

If you get stuck, you can email  info@myvagina.com. If your practitioner can’t connect with you, they will call the phone number listed in your account.

Bookings, payments, rescheduling and cancelling

Making a booking

Go to our bookings page and find a time and day that suits you. All bookings are in your local timezone. We use Calendly for our bookings.

There are several types of appointments available:

  • Comprehensive Care – expect to spend an hour with your practitioner, fill in a large intake form, and get a comprehensive care plan
  • Follow-ups – once you’ve seen your practitioner once, you have follow-ups for ongoing care (45, 30 or 15 minutes)
  • Quickies – a 30-minute appointment to talk over your case and if appropriate, get a basic plan

Filling out your intake form

Your pre-appointment questionnaire is a really important part of making the most of your appointment time, and should be filled in at least a week in advance so your practitioner can prepare for your appointment.

We have a lot to cover, so having this information helps guide the consultation.

Fill out your pre-appointment questionnaire

Paying for your booking

To secure your place, we require payment in full at the time of your booking. You can view your order details inside your My Vagina account or in confirmation emails.

Changing or cancelling your booking

We understand that life happens and your schedule changes, so don’t worry, we’re flexible – to a point.

You can reschedule your appointment anytime before your appointment, though please keep in mind that if you reschedule at the last minute more than once, you may have your appointment cancelled and refunded. 

You may reschedule your booking yourself using the link at the bottom of your Calendly confirmation email.

If you get stuck, email info@myvagina.com and we’ll help.

Cancelling your booking within 48 hours

If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment time, a US$50 fee may apply. We will refund you the difference.

If you’re having trouble modifying your booking email us at info@myvagina.com.

No shows, no refunds

If you are not available for your appointment and haven’t gotten in touch, the full consultation fee is non-refundable and not reschedulable, no exceptions.

Your practitioner’s time is valuable and they have prepared for your appointment, waited for you and tried to contact you. If you’re not available, they still get paid. 

Talking to us about your booking

If you need help with your booking, email us. Due to timezone restrictions, we are not able to organise bookings by phone.

Remember, we’re in Melbourne, Australia. If it’s daytime where you are, it may be out of clinic hours or we may be tucked up in bed, and not able to respond for many hours. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

The title of naturopath and naturopathic doctor (Australia vs. USA)

Australian naturopaths differ from North American naturopaths in some important ways. Australian naturopaths are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe drugs, hormones or surgery or diagnose you with any disease or condition. That’s the realm of your medical doctor. 

North American naturopaths are what’s known as naturopathic doctors – that is, a medical doctor with additional naturopathic training, like a dermatologist or surgeon. Australian naturopaths are naturopaths or naturopathic practitioners – not naturopathic doctors.

Disclaimer – we do our best but use at your own risk!

To comply with our Australian obligations, a legal disclaimer must be agreed to before the use of our services or treatments. When you fill out your intake form, we suggest you read the disclaimer and understand before ticking the box so we’re all on the same page. 

The gist of it is that you take full responsibility for yourself and your actions, and My Vagina and our practitioners are not legally liable for the outcome of your consultations or treatments. 

We are health professionals and are bound by Australian law to care for you in a respectful, appropriate and safe way – but we’re also in love with what we do, so rest assured, you’ll get our best.

My Vagina’s consultation disclaimer

Privacy and confidentiality

We respect your privacy and are bound by Australian law that ensures we use secure systems and protect your confidential medical information.

By law, we are required to securely maintain accurate records for seven years after your appointment.

My Vagina’s Privacy Policy

Your happiness is our happiness!
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