Aunt Vadge: clitoral hood is disintegrating after a fingernail accident

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I’m a 28-year-old virgin. Five years ago, I accidentally drove my fingernail inside the flesh where the clitoral hood is attached to labia minora. Clitoral hood looked deflated. I bled a little. A little speck of flesh came off. But that was it.

With time, it became worse. Labia minora flesh now hangs loose from inside the clitoral hood in pieces. I think I might have more broken flesh inside my hood where my fingernail went. The broken flesh is now coming out slowly. It hurts to touch my clitoral hood. What do I do? I need a home remedy. Can I use skin glue myself to glue the labia minora pieces together? I need serious help.

Age 28

Hi Serious,

You do sound like you need serious help!

If this happened five years ago, then I suspect you have a much more serious problem going on if your flesh is coming apart from your body, though it could be a simple infection that needs to be treated.

Anna, you really need to see a doctor. We can’t give you any advice from here, because we can’t see your problem, and it sounds more serious than a home remedy can solve – any time your flesh is coming loose from your body, you have a problem that needs medical attention. It could be an infection, it could be a flesh-eating bacteria, it could be lots of things, but someone needs to examine you, and figure out how to save your clitoris and clitoral hood from further damage.

If there is a reason you can’t see a doctor, then you need to find someone locally who is willing to take a look at you and try to establish the cause of the problem. That could be a nurse or someone else with medical training you can ask to take a look. There are also free sexual health clinics around where someone can examine you for little or no cost.

Don’t wait.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge