Aunt Vadge: I have ureaplasma that just won’t go away

An made-up image of ureaplasma bacteria in the human body based on electron microscopy, pinks and corals

Hi Aunt Vadge,

I keep getting ureaplasma and the antibiotics are no longer working. I was told about your company and wondering how you help.

Age 45


Hello lovely,

It’s a real bummer to keep getting uninvited guests like ureaplasma, especially when it starts acting like it owns the place and doesn’t respond to the usual eviction notices (antibiotics).

Now, ureaplasma is a bit of a sneaky critter because it’s often quite harmless and just chills out in the genital tract without causing a fuss. But sometimes, it decides to throw a party without your permission, leading to infections and inflammation that need addressing.

Ureaplasma (part of the mycoplasma family) are intracellular bacteria, and we know they cause inflammation – it’s their whole jam. Symptoms can be pretty miserable, especially if these tiny little bugs have gotten a foothold, and your body can’t fight them off.

If antibiotics have stopped working, it’s time to put on our detective hats and figure out why. It could be due to a few reasons, like antibiotic resistance (where the bacteria have become superbugs and are laughing in the face of the meds, ureaplasma are famous for this), your immune system being a little under the pump and not able to fight off the invaders, or re-infection from a partner.

I can offer some wicked smart advice on how to tackle this issue, but you’re going to need some help:

  1. Get a thorough retest: Make sure the diagnosis of ureaplasma is still correct and look for any other contributing factors or infections. Check here for the best ways to test for ureaplasma.
  2. Consult with a My Vagina specialist: Seeing one of our vulvovaginal specialist healthcare professionals who’s a whiz in this exact type of persistent infection could shine a light on treatment options you haven’t tried yet.
  3. Check with your partner(s): If you’ve got a sexual playmate, it’s worth making sure they’re also tested and treated if necessary, so you’re not passing the bug back and forth like a hot potato. If you’re not sure, avoid any germ-passing activities and use condoms/barriers when engaging in sex play. Don’t forget that ureaplasma is everywhere, so even oral sex could be passing it along. If you are getting treated, but not your partner, you may be missing a huge part of the problem.

My best recommendation is to book an appointment for a deep dive into your situation – you’ve clearly been down the garden path and are looking for some new ideas, which we have. We understand ureaplasma, and know what to do, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment – your health is unique to you, and at My Vagina, we think your healthcare plan should be too.

See you soon!
Aunt Vadge

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