Aunt Vadge: I now bleed heavily after being fingered even though I’m not cut…

Hi Aunt Vadge

I have always enjoyed being fingered and I’ve never had a problem with it before. For about the last 10-12 months, everytime my partner fingers me, I bleed quite heavily. Even if it’s not “that time of the month”.

The blood is very fresh and it takes about a day or two before it’s all out. It has only ever happened with my current partner. There was a period of two months that we were not together and it never happened with another guy. My current partner does not have long fingernails and I am always well lubricated before we start the fingering. 

Please help me! 

Regards, A. 
Australia Age: 22

Dear A,

It sounds like you could possibly have what’s known as cervical erosion (ectropion). This is a condition where the cells that normally live inside your cervix grow more on the outside, and they bleed really easily – even just from the slightest touching.

They aren’t sure why it occurs, but it’s time for a thorough check-up I’m afraid! The difference might be the fingering technique or even the length of their fingers – if the fingers are long enough to get to your cervix, it could cause this problem.

Make an appointment with your doctor ASAP and then with a specialist if necessary for a correct diagnosis, and then start investigating your treatment options. There is a reason why this is happening, and you need to really understand what that is, even though it may seem mysterious. You need to rule out any nefarious causes, like precancerous cervical cells.

Once you have a diagnosis, try to arrange to see a really good naturopath who can help to treat the underlying cause.

Write back anytime – let us know how you go!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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