Aunt Vadge: little white bumps on my labia

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I have a little weird discharge all the time… and these tiny, tiny white bumps covering all over the inner lips of my vagina. They don’t hurt or itch. I noticed them a few months ago. I haven’t “popped” any of anything but they don’t look poppable.

US, Age 15

Dear Bumpy,


It is normal to have discharge throughout your cycle, though this will differ between women. As an example, I used to have a lot of discharge all the time, and thought it was normal for me, but then I stopped drinking milk… and it went away. I didn’t realise that I was lactose intolerant – milk and dairy products are high in lactose, and are mucous-forming, so they make your nose runny, your vagina runny, and your bowels runny!

Your body may need some dietary adjustments, or it may just be that you are a person with ongoing discharge. Try to see if there are any times it is better or worse, and keep a diary of your symptoms to see if you can find any patterns. You should be tracking your periods anyway (using a period tracker app or a calendar), so check if it happens more when you should be ovulating or near to your period, or just the same all the time. If it’s the same all the time, I’d suspect something you are eating or drinking (milk is the very first suspect, followed by wheat), since it doesn’t fluctuate with your cycle, as it should.

Times when you will have more discharge are during ovulation, and in the lead up to your period. After your period, when your hormones are at their lowest ebb, discharge will be nonexistent or very light.

Tiny white spots

You sound like you have identified what are known as Fordyce spots, which everyone has. They are normal, natural, and are healthy – they provide your delicate vulva area with oils so you stay moisturised. You will find these bumps on penises as well, and your nipples. If you look at the areola of your nipples, you’ll see the tiny little bumps there too. We all got ’em!

Some pop out a bit more than others in some people, but they are not at all considered to be a problem.

Write back anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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