Aunt Vadge: toy mishap

Hello I need your help!

Okay I need your help. As me and my girlfriend were having sexual intercourse, we decided to use a toy, and we didn’t notice that the top of the toy was opened, so when we insert the toy into the vagina, the cap was on.

So as we were pulling out the toy, it yanked a little piece of skin out of the inside of her vagina. It’s been bleeding since, it’s not gushing out blood, but it is bleeding as if it was a cut or a tear. Today is February 8th 2016 and the incident happened February 7 2016. I’m really worried, and I need your help.


Dear Pinched,

That sounds painful! (And messy.) The inside of the vagina is pretty durable, and you can really do some damage, but it tends to heal very quickly and without scarring. A pinch of flesh like that sounds really painful, but it will heal in the same way that your mouth does after you chew your cheek by mistake. Think of it a bit like that.

So, no sex until it is fully healed. In fact, just leave it completely alone to heal. If your girlfriend notices any strange discharge, the area becomes really painful or seems sorer than before, bleeding starts up again, or she experiences any fever or other infection-related symptoms, see a doctor straight away. Otherwise, her vagina will heal up and nobody will ever know the difference.

It would pay to probably avoid anything strenuous that could irritate the area, like running or horse riding or extreme yoga, and it could also help to take some oral probiotics just to help keep the good bacteria in abundance – they keep bad bacteria out of the picture and will help to keep infection at bay. The vagina has a lot of good bacteria which has a really protective effect, but you want open flesh closed as soon as possible, and as protected as possible.

It may take a good couple of weeks to properly heal, though she can check by inserting a clean finger and having a feel around to see how it’s going every few days – she’ll be able to tell by how sore it feels. The vaginal canal has far fewer nerve endings than you might expect (though there are hot spots around), so she may not experience any actual pain unless she touches it, though there may be a throb for a few days.

As with any wound, keep an eye (finger) on it, and if you can take a look and see what you’re dealing with, do, but if the bleeding has slowed and is stopping and the pain is subsiding, it will heal, so don’t panic. Our bodies are pretty amazing and vaginas are pretty durable.

Write back anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

Hey  its me pinched, remember, you helped me out a few days ago! February 7th and it’s now February 10th, and today in the morning the bleeding completely stopped, and yeah but just an hour ago, we got a little tipsy and totally forgot. She was saying it hurt, then we remembered so we stopped, and I check and it was bleeding again! 

Should we be worried or will it stop again? I know this time we won’t do anything till a few months !! Hah thank you, please respond!


Hi again!

As you know, you have re-opened the wound by diddling around, and it will again stop bleeding. You will be fine. The correct response is to just leave it be, but a few months is too long – she will be probably healed within two weeks, but she can check all the time with a clean finger to feel for pain or tenderness. If she can feel tenderness, you can do other sexual activities, just not penetration. It’s good to learn how to get each other off without penetration anyway, so use this time wisely!

Vaginal wounds tend to heal very quickly, but even if you do disturb the wound, the world won’t fall down and nothing bad will happen. Treat it like any other wound on any part of your body – it isn’t any different, except you just can’t see it. I know it can be hard to resist sex when you want to so much, but sometimes it’s important.

Be gentle! Good luck guys. You’ll be fine.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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