Aunt Vadge: I have a blister or sore on my labia and am not sure why

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I have a cut on my labia which sort of looks like a popped blister or sore. It sometimes stings when I walk and it stings a whole ton when I go to the toilet. It looks almost whitish?

Just wanted to know if any of this sounds out of the ordinary and of it sounds like it needs to be checked out, as it has never happened to me before. It appeared last week, say Wednesday? Not exactly sure.

I don’t know how I got it but it seems to be closing up and no longer stings when I urinate, or walk. I think it is healing on its own now but any advice on how to keep it that way? 

Please get back to me, thank you.

Age: 14
Country/Area: Northern Ireland


Hi there Stinging,

Any sore on your labia that has appeared for no reason needs to be checked out – you shouldn’t be getting sores or cuts for no reason, and therefore it needs a pair of eyeballs on it and probably some tests.

It could be any number of problems, including (if you’ve had contact) a sexually-transmitted infection like herpes or something benign like an ingrown hair.

You may have a pimple that got infected, or a fungal infection. If it heals and never comes back, great. If it comes back, you need to go and get checked by the doctor, because it’s abnormal to get mysterious sores on your labia! Just like it would be weird to get a cut on your arm that appeared for no reason.

Don’t delay!

Write anytime if you need help.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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