Aunt Vadge: I’m bleeding heavily two days after being fingered – what’s happening?

Hey Aunt Vadge!

Recently I got fingered, for the first time ever. It was nice, but the day after I was a bit sore. Then two days after I was fingered, I started bleeding from my area. I’ve already had my period for this month and now I got it again. It’s more blood than I usually bleed, I’m filling up a super tampon in two hours! Please, any knowledge as to what’s going on?

Age: 19
United States

Dear Bleeding,

That sounds like a lot of blood. If the bleeding isn’t showing any signs of stopping and you are really sure it’s not your period (you may have a short cycle and an unexpectedly heavy period for some unknown reason this time – it can happen), I would suggest you find your way to a clinic to be examined. Unusual heavy bleeding is never a good sign!

It may not have anything to do with the fingering, since two days later with no bleeding at all in that time or at the time, means it is unlikely to be a direct connection. It could just seem like that because of the close timing.

I couldn’t say what it could be, so you’ll need to talk it over and get checked out by a doctor or nurse, so they can see what’s going on. Sorry I can’t be more help!

Write anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge