Clinical Trial: PRP for lichen sclerosus

The Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders has opened a new study and is looking for participants.

They need 30 women with active, biopsy proven lichen sclerosus, in Washington DC. Twenty women will get the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and 10 will get placebo, with four visits over 14 weeks, and two PRP injections into active lichen sclerosus. Small biopsies will be performed at the beginning and end of the study. No other treatments will be allowed during this time, or for four weeks prior to entering the study. No compensation is offered.

It’s good for those for whom steroids have not worked properly.

What is PRP?
From the CVD website: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a platelet concentrate that helps to speed up tissue healing, without serious side effects, in a very wide range of medical conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers, muscle injury, tendon injury, and in a variety of cosmetic procedures. The PRP works because of its high level of proteins that help with wound healing. It is also apparent from 16,000+ published studies that PRP therapy has almost no risk of scar tissue formation or bad side effects. As the PRP is prepared from your own blood, there are no risks of allergic reactions, transfusion reactions, or infections (HIV, Hepatitis, etc).

If you want to participate in the study, please contact Leia Mitchell via E-mail at or visit the website for more details.  

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Jessica Lloyd - Vulvovaginal Specialist Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

Jessica is a degree-qualified naturopath (BHSc) specialising in vulvovaginal health and disease, based in Melbourne, Australia.

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