STUDY CLOSED: Aussies with chronic thrush, science needs you!

Suffering chronic yeast infections? Be part of science and participate in a new non-drug treatment! Aussies only.

OBSOLETE Got BV? Science needs you, teenagers!

If you think something is not quite right or have been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, researchers want to talk to you!

CLOSED DEC 2019: Be part of a pelvic floor study from your couch! (ends Dec 2019)

Be a part of scientific research - Monash University wants your pelvic floor experiences! Fill out the survey now.

DEADLINE PASSED – Never had an orgasm or find it difficult? Female Study Participants Wanted ASAP! (It’s free!) Deadline 21 Feb 2018

A psychologist is trialling a course for women to learn how to orgasm, designed for women who struggle to orgasm or who have never had an orgasm.

Understanding clinical trials

Overview of clinical trials.

CLOSED Clinical Trial: Do you have experience with lichen sclerosus? Science needs you!

Research project needs anyone involved in lichen sclerosus - patients, carers, doctors - to advance our understanding of this difficult to treat autoimmune/skin condition.

Clinical Trial: PRP for lichen sclerosus

A new study is seeking participants for a novel lichen sclerosus treatment, PRP.


BV trial now taking participants in San Francisco.

Clinical trials: is vulvar vestibulitis syndrome (vestibulodynia) caused by the pill? STUDY NOW CLOSED

Clinical trial seeking participants on VVS and the pill STUDY NOW CLOSED

Study: Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) for lichen sclerosus

Study being conducted on PRP for tissue healing in lichen sclerosus.

Lichen sclerosus clinical trials in progress or recruiting

Check out current clinical trials for lichen sclerosus being undertaken across the world.