2-ebook collection: Killing BV for Men and Women


  • Get a clear understanding of your problem
  • Use a dedicated, proven treatment plan for your anatomy
  • Access the exclusive BV Support Sections
  • Free email support
  • Free treatment tweaks
  • The latest BV research

We are deeply invested in solving BV in a cheap, effective way that takes into account that BV is everyone’s problem, not just a women’s problem. We are constantly updating our protocols and information to achieve this end, and are not just trying to sell you books; we offer you full access to our research, treatments, and support section until your BV is solved, permanently. We are accessible by email all the time to answer your questions and provide treatment tweaks where necessary, and to hold your hands.

Why do we do this?

Because we hate BV and because we can. Because your doctor doesn’t have answers for you, because the internet is full of misinformation and absolute dud treatments that will never work, and because you probably don’t understand why BV appears and persists. We do know why, and we want you to feel confident in your bodies again. We are women and know BV all too well ourselves, which is why we feel very strongly about the lack of good information and treatments, and are determined to provide both partners with workable solutions.

Both versions of Killing BV explain BV biofilms and how to get rid of them using our very own science-based naturopathic treatment plans. The programs ares designed to bust biofilms and reinstate a healthy lactobacilli biofilm, removing the root cause of recurrent BV.

We are confident that the information we provide will help you in a way that nobody else has been able to.

“The best money I ever spent.” – Jennifer
“I got rid of my BV!” – Anne
“I’m happy to report that the 21 day process worked for me!” – Marie

“I just want to give you guys some feedback. First, you are the first source that provides the type of info that you do for men. Most avenues do not even address men and how to treat men. Very frustrating. Finding you guys has been a like finding light in an endless black tunnel… Thank you for your information. Gave me tears when I found it.” – Patrick

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