What is a vaginal pH testing glove?

The pH of the vagina is used as a yardstick for various vaginal conditions, such as infection and menopause. There is a new and novel way of testing pH besides our classic pH sticks: the pH testing glove.

The gloves have been trialled as a tool to detect vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis in low-income low-education areas of the globe.

One such glove developed by CarePlan, the VpH Test Glove, has test strips located at the tip of the index finger of each glove.

The user inserts the finger into the vaginal entrance, with the test strip changing colour straight away. The test strip is then compared with the colour chart and can accurately detect the pH value of vaginal fluids. Darker colours mean a higher pH.


Indian J Med Res. 2013 Sep; 138(3): 354-359. Evaluation of vaginal pH for detection of bacterial vaginosis. Hemalatha et al.

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