Vulvar seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis of the vulva is uncommon, but not impossible, since the area does have sebaceous glands. This is a condition that usually occurs in infants or after puberty, and occurs generally on the face, scalp, in folds of skin, and sometimes the genitals.

The condition has been linked with certain yeasts (Pityrosporum), but triggers can be emotional stress and anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, injury to a nerve, and wasting muscle disease syringomyelia. These may coincide with or cause worsening of vulvar seborrheic dermatitis.

Other factors related to this condition are changing seasons, zinc deficiencies, and HIV. If you are suffering from some form of dermatitis on or around your vagina, it’s more likely to be one of the other dermatoses such as a lichenoid condition, allergic contact dermatitis, or another immune condition.