Aunt Vadge: when I masturbate with one finger, I always bleed. Why?

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I’m so confused about my vagina. My boyfriend and I have phone sex maybe once or twice a week, and when he turns me on, I finger myself, but after we have finished and I look at my hand, there’s blood on it. I only ever use one finger and I’m not a virgin so I don’t understand why I’m bleeding. I never experience pain when I masturbate, but for some reason I bleed even with one finger.

I only ever see blood on the palm of my hand, with none on my finger at all. I do this at different times of the month, but it still occurs no matter what point in my cycle it is, so I know it’s not my period. I’ve had sex five or six times, so I’m just confused about why I’m bleeding because I’m not a virgin. I don’t bleed, or at least I’m not told if I bleed, during sex, so why is my finger making me bleed?

Age: 17
Country/Area: United States

Dear Confused,

That does sound strange indeed. There is something about the way you are touching yourself that is causing something to bleed, so you’ll need to do some experiments to find out the precise source of the blood.

You can do without it being sexual, to see if that can replicate the issue. Do what you would normally do when you masturbate. Once the blood appears, clean off your hand, and then gently dab your vulva with a damp cloth – but don’t wipe all the blood away, since we’ll need a source – and then use a clean white tissue to dab.

One dab at a time, see if you can slowly find the origin of the bleeding. All you need at this point is a location. Go to the Vag Basics page, find a diagram, and draw on the diagram where the blood seems to be coming from. Then, we can see what is in that area and what it could be.

You could have a small polyp or cyst or something that is painless, but pops with your fingering each time due to the pressure of your palm. The reason maybe that you can see the blood is because your fingering was a small action, and you can see the blood, rather than when you have sex, the blood may get dispersed. If it comes from a finite source – i.e. a small blood-filled polyp or blister – it wouldn’t continue to bleed afterwards. It would burst, the blood would go wherever it goes, and you may not necessarily see it. Out of six sexual occasions, though, you’ve never seen blood but fingering does it is strange.

I agree it is unusual and mysterious!

Finding a source of the blood needs to be your main investigation. Without pain to guide you, you’re in a sticky situation, but you will figure it out with some experimentation.

Write back once you have a location and we’ll delve a little further.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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