The Nuvaring contraceptive device

The Nuvaring is a small rubber ring that stays inside your vagina, emitting hormones, as a vagina-based contraceptive device. The Nuvaring reports over 99 per cent effectiveness when used correctly, and works like the oral contraceptive pill.

Unfortunately, as great an idea as the Nuvaring is, it does not always work as anticipated and can have some problematic impacts on your vagina. One of the worst side effects is that it can cause low-grade inflammation in your vagina that results in a dry-feeling discharge.​1–3​

A dry vagina with an inflammation-driven discharge isn’t wet, delicious, slippery, or sexy. It just has a white, dry discharge. Your vagina may also get irritated.​4​

If the Nuvaring works for you, great. If it doesn’t, you will stop using it pretty quick – if you get side effects, they can be unpleasant.

Partners may also sometimes report that they can feel it during penetration, but this will depend on the size and sensitivity of the penis.​5​


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